Sunday, December 16, 2012

Surgeries 1 through 4

It took a long time to get where I am today. I waited long for appointments and finally got in touch with a great neurologist whom got me in touch with my neurosurgeon.
Aug 23,2011. The day I quit smoking after 25 years. Was also my 1st brain surgery called " Occipital Nerve Stimulation". I was knocked out for this one. The surgeon implanted two electrodes in the back of my head to an external pacemaker. If it worked they would install the pacemaker in my chest. It did not.

Feb 23,2012. Deep Brain Stimulation. I was awake. Surgeon drilled about a 3/4 inch hole on front part of my skull, implanted an electrode in my hypothalamus. Cut an incision in the rear of my head and fed the wires through my head and now into my chest where they implanted a pacemaker inside me. 2 weeks later  turned it on.

April 1,2011. The pacemaker and lead wires were removed due to an infection in my chest. I woke up on Sunday morning to find puss dripping from my scar on my chest. Went to hospital, kept me over night and then told me I had to have surgery next day to have it removed and re installed about a month later. I was asleep for surgery #3. Months went by and the secretary forgot to contact me so when I finally saw my neurosurgeon and asked for next surgery I asked it be held off until September and mentally and physically was worn out from 3 surgeries. I wanted to enjoy my summer with my family as anyone knows it not just the person whom is sick, its the whole family. My next surgery was booked for Sept 6

November 13,2012 I had my 4th Surgery. I did not have it Sept 6 as planned because I went into the hospital with a slight cold and cough. I never get sick. I had not had a cold or flu in 4 years as I am a strong supporter of Cold FX. I stopped using it because of cost and couldn't afford it. And voila I got sick. They sent me home from the hospital and thank god they did because that night I got violently ill for 6 weeks. I could not believe how sick I was and how long it lasted. They rescheduled when I felt better for November 13,2012. Day after my sons birthday. The week prior I had an abscess tooth and had a root canal. Dentist said it was bad. Should be...was almost a $1000.
So I had surgery. Re installed pacemaker, and lead wires. I am home recovering now. After a week the neurosurgeon turned it on and at present I have 0.6 volts firing to my brain. My headaches are still coming strong with no relief . I see my neurosurgeon every month for re programming. DBS is ONLY a 50% chance at pain reduction it is not a cure. I am the 2nd person in Canada to have this. First in Ontario, and the 17 th person on the planet to have DBS for Cluster Headaches.

I am still very nauseous and dizzy. Sometimes the dizziness is bad. Bending,kneeling over is hard. I have a lot of pain in my chest and arm where the pacemaker is. I am not complaining. It is what it is.
We shall see what the future holds. Godspeed.

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