Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Family

My son was born in 1998. His name is Zackery. Something amazing happened that day. And it has never changed. From God, I have loved my son with all my heart since the day he was born. I have been truly blessed to know he has never caused me trouble. He is 14 now, has God in his heart, girls in his eyes and cars on the brain. I am ever so proud of him. Like most kids, he is typical teenager, likes to sleep in, play video games, skateboard and and hang with friends.
My son was diagnosed at an earlier age with ADHD. he is not hyper per say but fidgety.
I empathise with him and truly have to remind my self not to get upset with him as if he is not listening its not his fault. I do not feed him medicine for it. I feed him attention and love.
My son also had Elhers Danlos Syndrome Type 1. Its a genetic disorder where he has a lack of collagen in his body. Probably only 5%. He can break bones very easy. He has hyper mobility(double jointed), elastic skin. They also found that his aortic valve on his heart has a slight leak and the possibility of open heart surgery is imminent. We found out through a series of test and doctors after he tripped and broke 3 fingers when landing. It can be a severe disease but he is Type 1, so if careful he will be OK. Sadly its sad and hard to tell him no he cant do things like play contact sports.
My son is everything to me. He is the reason I am here today. There is nothing I would not do for him and I will help him as long as I am alive.

My wife Kristen and I were just married November 18,2011.  We met in April of 2010. It was truly amazing as the first time I saw her I knew I was out of m league. She is the most amazing woman I have ever met. Kind, sincere, considerate, loving and sweet not to mention beautiful. We started dating the day we met and have been sold ever since. She truly is my best friend. I could not be any happier than I am today. I never thought being sick Id ever meet anyone to accept the disease and love me unconditionally the way she does. From the day we met, all 4 brain surgeries and now, she has been by my side without question. She has also been a remarkable step mom to Zackery. They share a sincere kinship and bond between them that is not replaceable. I love Kristen more than anything. I really believe God put her in my life. I am a better man for just knowing her.

My mom and dad. They are retired, in their 70s and enjoying life. My father is a cancer survivor. He had a full lyrengectomy. And speaks with a speaking aid machine. Its been 10+ years and he is still alive, thanks to doctors whom I believe saved his life. My mom still smokes and I wish she would quit. I thank them for all they did for me over the years with all that they have done for me. I am whom I am today because of them. I could not fathom watching what happened to me to my own son, so I can not imagine how they must feel some days watching me with the disease or surgeries. I am sure it has been equally as difficult watching me the last 7 years.  Thanks mom and dad for everything

My dogs. Bella and Buster. I will write a blog about Buster shorty.
Bella came into my life when I met my wife. She is a lab/Shepperd mix. When I met her she was rambunctious, and would not listen for any reason.  I spent 3 to 6 months training her. and teaching her. She is now so gentle, loving affectionate dog that listens. I love her so much. She is such a great addition to me. I wish she wouldn't shed so bad but I couldn't ask for a better dog.
Buster is a rescue. Landed on my front lawn about a month ago. Homeless,hungry, the most foul smell you could imagine. Unable to drive, a friend took him to Animal Control. I checked local websites,papers. No one looking for a missing dog. A week later we adopted him. A vet check, groomer and happy Buster. He is still finding his way and having to be re potty trained and listen....but a therapeutic addition to the family. It saddens me to think he would have died now that its cold and that no one would have adopted a 9 yr old sick skinny smelly dog. I didn't rescue him, he rescued me.

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