Sunday, December 16, 2012

Elvis Presley

At age 4, I remember my first Elvis record. I still have it to this very day.
I remember at age 5, Aug 16,1977. I remember seeing it on TV and going outside to my folks sitting on the patio and telling them that hot summer day. They were in disbelief.

Ever since and as the older I got, I became not only a fan but my wife calls me an historian. Reading as much as I can that is authorised about the King of Rock n Roll. I never grow tired of listening to anything Elvis and always find happiness in his music. I always feel each song he sings. That is something rare even in todays music that you can get for a song.

Elvis means to much to me that I played his music as I proposed to my wife. Some have a shrine at their homes. I have items that mean the world to me. I am not a pez collector or plate collector. I like his music, DVDs, records,photos and such. For me at age 5 when he passed I was never able to see Elvis. The only thing that ever comes close is seeing a tribute artist. I recommend "Shawn Klush" if you ever get a chance.

I love reading books and my favourites are 'Leaves of Elvis Garden"by Larry Geller." I called him Babe" by Marian Cocke. Both people whom I have become friends with and hold an ultra special place in my heart. "Elvis and Me" by Prescilla Presley, "Me and a Guy named Elvis"by Jerry Schilling. and there is many more....those just to name a few. One of my favourites I read on a regular basis is 'The Impersonal Life", the first book Larry gave to Elvis.

I also a huge car guy. As Elvis loved cars, we share the same passion.

No matter where I am, I make sure Elvis is with me in some form.

I have been to Graceland 2x. Once in 1995. And most recent Feb 1,2012....more later....

I have seen The Sweet Inspirations sing(with Shawn Klush) and met them. RIP Myrna,
I have met TCB and watched them perform front row center. I actully got to hang out with Glen Hardin for an hour before the show. What a great guy. Gave me open invitation to his house.
As mentioned before I became friends with Larry Geller and Marian Cocke.
Larry is a brilliant author, a true humanitarian and very kind kindred soul.
Marian is very kind, and sweet and look forward to seeing her one day soon. I adore her.
I feel blessed to have become friends with these people.

November 1 2012 I won a contest a week prior to meet Lisa Marie Presley. I never thought Id win nor did Graceland EPE think somce crazy canadian would drive 30 hours round trip to meet her. Not only did I have to have my wife change her hours for work. I also had to move my pre op appointment for surgery.
Once we arrived at Graceland we were greated with open arms. I was interveiwed by Sirius Elvis Rado. The Memphis Chronicle. And a gentleman from Nashville with Reuters.

My wife and I met Lisa Marie and she was informed of my health and the long trip. She was ever so kind to spend extra time with us 3 seperate times. It would be a day I never forget. Ever so cool.
I was also able to meet Marian Cocke whom was there for Lisas 44th birthday as well. This was monumental as it was Lisas 1st birthday at Graceland. I felt so blessed to be apart of it. My wife was in total awee of eveything that transpired that day. Marian and I have remained friends to this very day. Marian Cocke was Elvis nurse upto Aug 16,1977.


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