Friday, December 21, 2012

Bitterness and Resentment

Bitterness and Resentment.

These are 2 character defects I have and try to work on daily.
Holding onto this can cause an unhealthy life if you take it to the extreme. My wife reminds me and encourages me to"let go" or "move forward"
Whether your bitterness and resentment is because of....

the disease we carry and you p.o'd at someone or God because of it, your boss is not nice to you, a co-worker gives you grief, you have a family member you no longer speak to or have to deal with,or you have a friend or ex friend that let you down, disappointed you or is just a coward.
I suggest to move forward.
If its God your mad at. He has a plan for you and there is a reason we have this.
If your boss is mad. at you. Be positive,stay strong and be kind
If its a co worker. Remember where its coming from and they haven't a clue what its like to walk a mile in our shoes. Doubt they would last long enough to tie the laces.
If its a family member. Well, we can not choose our family. Unfortunately our reaction is a cause of their actions. Try to forgive and move forward. Pray for them. . You can forgive someone and move forward and not have to be there friend anymore. But forgiving them is key. Just don't make same mistake.

Most important, recognise our own character defects, acknowledge them for our own faults and mistakes, try to correct them in being positive. The only other people on the planet that know what us Cluster Headache Survivors go through is us. Our spouses and children and immediate family can empathise but that is it. Nor should we try to think they "get it" because they wont.

Once you look in the mirror and say to yourself I recognise my own faults, work on them and move forward in a positive way.

We can not always change the people around us, how they act, treat us and others whether it is family or friends or colleagues.

You never know what a person is feeling or going through. . We as survivors can let go of the resentment and bitterness and move forward. It doesn't mean we have to re live or trust those people who hurt us again. It means we are wiser to the fact. Have moved on in life and know better.

Being sick has humbled me. I thought only poor people like me had these issues but a mentor friend of mine deals with this too. Meaning rich or poor, sick or healthy, people hurt one another no matter what. Whether we are not well enough to be around, if we scare you because how we look, or you cant man up to the situation or we don't fit your lifestyle because we are poor. Either way, being sick has humbled me to want to help others even less fortunate than myself. Instead of holding onto negative energy on whom has wronged me or my family. I channel it into those I can help.

Written with no bitterness and a sound mind. I have forgiven and forgotten the people that have hurt me in my life. I have moved forward and will no longer be bitter or resent them. I also will no longer be allowed to be hurt or used again because I am mush wiser and smarter. I have given them grace. I pray for those people to get help and not to be selfish, conceited and arrogant.

Move forward, be strong and never stop believing you  cant move forward.


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