Sunday, December 16, 2012

Passions and Hobbies

We are must have hobbies and passions in life aside from our loved ones and pets.

For me, mine is cars.

I started playing with Hot Wheels as young as I can remember. My wife thinks I am obsessed with cars as I even dream about them, and its true. I really find solice in cars. Whether  I had worked on them in the past, washed them for a car show or just drove somewhere.

Its usually after all the hard work, of blood sweat and tears that while driving it, people give them thumbs up or hey"Cool Car Man". Its a sense of pride knowing you worked on it, and own and drive it to feel a sense of accomplishment.

I truly find peace in my day going to a car show or a cruise night. Whether it be to show my car, or just see others. Re connecting with friends whom share the same hobby and interest or speaking about what is new, what is exciting in the car world.

I have carried on and passed the passion and love I have to my son whom is 14 now and wanting his first car soon. Truth be known his actual first words were"Hot Rod". Not mom, not dad...but Hot Rod.
Its in our blood.

Its a great hobby because not only can I teach my son how to fix things, but also spend quality time with father and son. Whether its in the garage or at a show. Its our Boys Escape. Jay Leno once said....
"I am the president of the More Money than Brains Club" and its so true. It is a sickness I am proud to love.

The hobby it self not only gave me years of employment, it lead me to meeting well known car guys
as George Barris,Chip Foose,Tim Allen,Jay Leno and many others. Despite my family telling me to stay out of the trade, it did at some point feed me.

I will post more and post pics later.

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