Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Adjusting Pacemaker/ Neurostimulator.

Today I see my neurosurgeon to adjust my nuerostimulator. In time I hope things will be better for me and I hope after today's adjustment that iam not so dizzy and nautious. I must try to remain positive and pray.
At present I have 0.5volts firing at my brain. The pacemaker locations is sore. Range of movement in arm and neck is limited. Sleeping can be tricky. My head is sensitive from the incision. I must preservere. And thank you to my beautiful wife for taking me to my appointment. Always by my side.
So he adjusted it to 1.9 volts and changed the location on the electrode/neurostimulator where it fires. I feel about 10% less dizzy than when I went in....time will tell

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