Thursday, December 20, 2012


Faith for me has been a blessing. No pun intended. I became a Christian about 7 years ago. I should remember the date when I became born again but I don't. I do not go to church every Sunday because of my health etc but thay has not steered me away from my relationship with God.
Faith for me has definitely helped in many ways

From being diagnosed to personal relationships in my own life with people that have failed or let me down I know that I can lean and rely on God to help me though those times. People ask me all the time how can I be so faithful to a God that gave me the worlds most painful disease. Simple. Eternal life. In heaven here is no pain, suffering etc. I also know God has a plan for me and its to help others.

Yes, no denying I have asked God many times. Why me? What did I do that was so bad to warrant this disease? Why do these things happen to me? He answers me though prayer and many other forms in life I have been blessed with.

Despite my disease, I feel in many ways very blessed. I have a loving supporting wife, A son any dad would be proud of, mom and dad who loves me and made some good friends along the way. I been able to travel, meet some famous people, enjoy a hobby and be here on this blog to enlighten others. To look outside the box of what you have, play the cards your dealt and move forward.

You maybe reading this and not be of any faith. I am not pushing my religion on you but I am advising you that I would not be here today without God. No doubt in my mind.

If you are considering, searching seeking....ask yourself these 3 simple Million Dollar questions:
1. How did I get here?
2. What happens to me when I die?
3. What if I am wrong?

I know the answers in my heart. I made peace with God along time ago. This journey i am on in my heart is because of God. I am not perfect. I have many faults, I recognise most of them and try to work on them. No one is perfect except God. If I can help others along the way, then I am serving my purpose. If you are a person of the same faith or another. Seek guidance within, and pray.


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  1. To me Faith is the cure. Many people might think I'm crazy to believe that being a Cluster Head my self is a blessing from God under one condition whic is "Acceptance", yup with all the suffering, pain and tragedy I'm going through i trully believe that I'm blessed. And this because i know for sure and with out a single doubt that God will make it up for me and reward me big time beyond my imagination or expectations, not only in my after life but even in my current.
    Keep fighting and keep living Survivor.
    What will the world mean to you if you dont have a Son like yours?
    I'm sure what will be your answer. God bless you and your Family.
    My best wishes for you and I look forward for the day when you wright in this blog about the last ever CH attack.