Monday, December 17, 2012

Smoking and Weight

Aug 22,2011 my wife and I quit smoking. I had smoked 2 packs a day for last 10years and had smoked since age 16.
I had recently fell 6 feet into a pit at my old job and tore all the tendons and ligaments in my left ankle. 2 weeks after I hurt my ankle I broke my right hand . Unable to use crutches or a cane I was not Mobil for 4 months. Or I had to hop. Add attacks to the equation. . I was on my way to weight gain because unable to exercise
. Over time, healing and snacks I gained a total of 80 l s. now I am going to the gym And very slowly loosing
weight. 4 surgeries didn't help either. However I am smoke free. And on the road to recovery. If I can quit with CH anyone can , have faith and be strong . Be a winner!!!

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