Wednesday, November 4, 2020

I'd complain but who would listen?

 How many time sin life have you said that or heard someone say that phrase?

Despite what happened to me with stem cell therapy, and my friend. I know I won the lottery. You do not have to tell me. Even today as I write this with an ulcer and pain, and some health problems. I do know how fortunate and blessed I am to have something happen like It did. It is pretty incredible.

But what some fail to realize is that in those 15 years of relentless suffering I just didnt suffer and then have Mike save my life and send me for stem cell therapy.

I first had exhausted all pharmaceuticals available to me at the time to treat my disease. I never said no to any treatment offered. In many ways I was a guinea pig but also text book prescriptions. Yesterday I found a letter from my neurologist complaining to my own GP that verbatim " very low likelihood of us being able ot intervene and make a significant difference in his headache problems". Well gee thanks a lot. He also noted I reported him for "forgetting my appointment after waiting a fucking year". A year. We called the Dr office every 3-4 months for an update. Same verbal direah answer every time. "wait". At a year I asked how much longer? Oh looks like he forgot to send in the referral. Hence my complaint. yet he feels I was wrong to complain. The same neurologist when presented with facts on published articles with noted treatments wanted to hear none of it. Normal for me to deal with closed minded people. Many sick people deal with this. Nothing new.

I exhausted all pharma drugs, then opted for brain surgery. When 4 of those surgeries made me worse I was running out of ideas. I had written to Dr. Sanjay Gupta about 3x.  begging for help. I wrote to Dr. Oz. Dr. Phil, The Doctors, Ellen and Oprah pleading with any of them to refer me somewhere to get help. I had tried multiple times. Never to hear back. In Sept 2018 the pain clinic told me there was no more hope or help for me and to go him and die. Too risky to operate again. Dunno, what's wrong with ya and the meds you are on will end your life.

Now do you see I was crying for help everywhere? Even though I had wanted to end my life I still wanted to live. I love life. I just didn't feel the cost of suffering was worth any quality of life I had as everyday I was getting worse. I was sentenced to a crime I never commuted with this torture daily.

I tried everywhere I could for help. I used to average 1-2 Emergency visits a month. 2-10 Dr appointments a month for GP, Gastro, Dermatologist, Pain specialist, IBS docs, Neurologist and more. I was fighting to stay alive. 

Who knew the form of help would come from a friend? Who knew that friend would know a doctor that could potentially help me. Who knew it would work? I complained......and someone listened.  Because someone cared. 

Never give up hope. Never stop trying. Never stop going.

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