Saturday, September 19, 2020

You are never too old to make change.

How many times in life had you said to yourself that "if" things could be better, "if" I had the chance to make change, or "If" this was this or what the hell is stopping you from making change?

Today, as I write this I am sitting in my buddies living room in Prince Edward Island. A dear friend whom I used to work for and with in Ontario. He lives in PEI, we live in Nova Scotia. He moved 7 years ago to start a new life. As we did Dec 24, 2019 to Nova Scotia from Ontario. Both of us thought never in a million years did we ever think we would leave Ontario, to start new journeys in life. To start over LATER in life. Im 48, My bud is 52. There is no excuse not to start over or just make change. I used to know this guy back in Ontario. His famous words were' Well I coulda or I shoudla or if things were different", basically a cop out full of excuses. 

As I sit here I look at the window and see lush green, this beautiful province. So quiet you can hear a pin drop. Hospitality in the Maritimes is like NO OTHER PLACE IN THE WORLD. Ask any passenger from 9/11 when all flights were suspended and thousands upon thousands of people were stopped and stranded in the Maritimes. They took people in their homes, fed them, washed their clothes, took care of their pets, and made lifetime relationships. When 9/11 happened they put over 7000 people on flights in Gander NewFoundland. In a town of less than 7000. Halifax airport was packed full of planes. You be hard pressed to find a Maritimer here who wouldn't run out to help, offer a warm meal, hot shower and a place to lay your head. If you ever have the opportunity to see the broadway show called "Come From Away" I highly recommend it. In Toronto and NYC. 

My friend who moved here experienced everything we did when moving to a new province. Open arms from everyone asking how can they help. Its very surreal. And for a long time I felt wrong to call myself a Maritimer because we just landed. But being a Maritimer doesn't come with time, it comes with a way of life. A simpler life. Yes, they are 10 years behind Ontario with many things. Internet Speed, 24/7 support with things but who cares? A much simpler life. People live to work here not work to live. If its not done today, it will be tomorrow. The urgency of "NOW" isn't like it west of New Brunswick. A much simpler life. Unimpressed by fancy things. You WILL see on any day that isn't inclement weather people walking, running, hiking everywhere.

The cool thing about where we live is you can be in the heart of the city, walk to a park near by and not hear a peep but the birds. I have a circumvential highway by my house. Its rare i hear traffic. The loudest thing we hear usually is kids playing. I can walk to the lake on my street within 2 min and be completely lost in the woods within a minute of my house. We are very very fortunate and one of the safest places next to Nunavut for Covid cases. At present we haven't had 1 in 10 days. So we have more freedom the rest of the country to travel within the Maritime Bubble. Go hiking. People wear masks here and DO NOT COMPLAIN. Hence why no one is sick here. 

I am not trying to sell you on the Maritimes by moving here. I am trying ton convey that we took a chance at starting a new life and it worked. We are so happy. So at peace. My mom and dad would be so proud and happy for us. My dad was thrilled for us before he passed. Only wish he could have seen it here past all the videos and pictures I sent. My dad decided to stay in Ontario and not move with us. I think he regretted it. 

We do not miss Ontario. Or anything about it. A part of our life that is the past. We have no hatred towards where we lived. But zero desire to ever return for any reason. Driving through Nova Scotia to come to PEI yesterday was a reminder that it is so beautiful here. And have zero desire to ever leave. I hope you find happiness and peace one day like we did. Its not the nice house we have, or the cars, that make us happy. Its the peace. Some spend their entire life thinking or chasing peace. I wake up everyday, I  smile as I am still in shock that I feel better than grab a coffee and look at the 5 blue jays that come to my apple tree, watch the sun rise and just feel gratitude. I never felt that back in Ontario. I was miserable as hell. Felt stuck. Suffocated from life there. Granted I was very sick but the isolation was the worst of being sick. Today, we party, we travel, we hike, we celebrate life, we enjoy life, we give back and be the best we can be. And if I get sick again tomorrow. I will be grateful for every second I felt better. No one will ever take away my peace that we have. I left all that pain and suffering back in London. 

If you have a chance in life to make positive change to give yourself inner peace. what is stopping you?

Peace,light and love.

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