Sunday, July 26, 2020

Anniversary of Cluster Headaches

July 25,2005 was my first cluster headache. Little did I know what was happening to me that day or what the next decade plus would be.

Did you ever get asked at a job interview.... Where do you see yourself in 5 years? My answer should have been "ALIVE" if all goes well.....

Quite the remarkable journey I have been on. NO ONE at age 33 decides or plans they are financially ok to get sick at a young age. No one plans that far ahead.

Somehow through out all the brain surgeries, thousands yes THOUSANDS of Dr appointments, emerg visits and pain clinics I some how managed to be where I am today because of one person who wasn't a doctor offered HOPE.

Never in a million year did I ever think Id be sick at a young age or when I got sick, Never in a million years did I think I could get help. But I did and I am here to live to talk about it.

You don't have to read the 200 blogs I have written to know I survived and came out on the other end. I am very very very fortunate to have had  happened what happened to us. When i say US I mean my wife.Who stuck by my side since the day we met. Unlike cowards who did not. Now that life is a better quality and we are living in peace and harmony. No stress, No drama. No Liars, No Users. and no one to poke fun of my weight gain.

Yeah that's right. Todate I have lost almost 110 lbs. So all you fuckers who said I was fat, lazy, said I ate to much or "let myself go", well Id say Fuck YOU but I get more satisfaction just knowing I did it myself. No stupid diet, no magic pill. Hard fucking work paid off.

I still have some serious health problems I deal with everyday but I am light year from where I was. Stem Cell Therapy changed my life. Literally. 3 of 4 headaches in remission. 95% sciatic pain gone, Aphasia gone. Labdio of an 18 yr old, Mental health 1000%. I am a different person. What mattered doesn't. What didn't matter before now does.

We uprooted and left Ontario for Nova Scotia and aside from listening to my bud to get stem cell, moving here was the best decision we have ever made.  Its beautiful here. Our house is a home. And we are so grateful for everything.

I am grateful dad got to see me get better before he passed away. Not an hour goes by that I don't think of both my parents. I know deep down they did the best they could with what they had. I am very grateful to have been in both their lives to the very end. They both passed with love for me and my wife and their blessings continue as we have a new life in Nova Scotia. I was sitting on my deck last night having dinner, listening to the shear peace and serenity. Not a car. not a noise. Just birds chirping. I could see my dad sitting there smiling with mom looking at us and being grateful. I know I imagined it. But I felt that peace. That happiness. No one can take that from me after what I been through. it is a fucking miracle I am alive. It is a miracle I am here.

Never in a million years did we think any of this could happen. Not the treatment, not the people in my life I love, not moving here. I never thought it was possible. Nor did any of the things I have done since moving here was possible. But it is and its happening. Stay tuned. You will see more in the upcoming future. #deeeeheeeecent

Let this blog be a glimmer of hope for whatever you are going through. Whatever demons you are battling. Things can get better. Have hope. Do not give up. Keep giving, keep helping others...Rid yourself of users, takers, liars and cheats. We have 1 rule in our home. NO negativity. No drama. Positivity only!

Do not give up hope. My life is a statement that anything good can happen at the lowest of lows in the darkest hours of life. There is hope. Keep being kind, Keep loving yourself. Inspire those who look up to you and remove yourself from toxic people! Whatever you do, do it with purpose and kindness.

Pain Free Wishes to anyone trying to make another 24 hours. Keep Fighting!

Instead of today as I did every year would acknowledge what a horrible day in history for us has been. Today, we celebrate. We party because we came out on the other side.

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