Saturday, May 30, 2020

H.O.P.E. Hold On Pain Ends Cure Chronic Podcast

Hope is sometimes all we need. Hope when taken away is almost if not the last straw when holding on and trying to make another 24 hours. I know this all to well.

A decade and a half of struggling to midnight to make another day.

I know this. If this is happening to you. I believe you. And know you are valued, you are important. You have meaning and substance and you matter in this world. I personally may not know what is going on in your life. I may not understand the pain you are in and that you are going through. But know that I believe you. I believe your struggle is 100% real and validated and please never feel you need to prove how sick you are. If you have to prove to anyone how sick you are it is time to re evaluate who you listen too.

This podcast Cure Chronic is a little bit about my story of HOPE and how things got better.  Many other stories of survivors out there with many diseases helping others.

Have a listen, share, offer hope to someone needing to hear this message.

If you have cluster headaches, and or migraines and health problems and not sharing this then you are doing a disservice to those who are suffering seeking help at their wits end. This isnt about me, or you this is about all of us suffering in pain.

There is several platforms to listen to this podcast....

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