Thursday, January 17, 2019

Letting go

Accepting someone's behavior and path is just only part of letting go. Choosing to support that behavior is not letting go, it is enabling it.

There came a point in my life when letting go is
accepting what is We waited 4 years for some sort of honest truth. Some sort of acknowledgment in the deep hurt and pain. And we waited, and waited, patiently waited with hope. And for what? To be forgotten about, used and mistreated. Made fools of.

I can look back at 16 years and be proud of what I have done. I have no regrets and feel good about being the person I was and how we did our job.

If you work at a job and you act like an ass, lie, steal, and are unreliable and only use others, you will be fired. If you treat your friends like garbage, lie to them, use them and manipulate them, Eventually, you will lose that friendship. But what about when they are not your friend. Or employee.

It is easy. We were discarded like trash, lied to relentlessly and used and forgotten about. Brainwashed by others.

We see where we are today, pretty hurting, pretty sore and beat up. Feeling cheated out of something that would have been the best, something that we could have helped and encouraged and been supportive of. But nope.

So I say look where you are at. Look at what you have become. It's you looking in the mirror, not us. We are not pointing fingers. We are no longer looking and hoping. We have moved on. Enjoying our life to the best we can. You obviously are missing a lot of suffering and that is probably better for you because listening to some hypochondriac bellyache about a hangnail or a cold is hilarious.

I couldn't possibly expect you to understand the meaning of our role until it happens to you. You would never understand the hurt and pain unless it happens to you. And despite the hurt. I sincerely hope it doesn't happen to you. And if it does. Hopefully, the same thing doesn't happen to you. I don't even wish it on you.

We taught to love, understanding, compassion. You listened to lies, manipulation and bought it.

One day, and it will happen, you will wonder where we are. What happened to us, and it will be too late. We have moved to another place. Another world. And we have many many many great memories with you that not even an evil person can't take away.

So many things we did, places we traveled, so many wonderful memories no one can take from us. I am proud to say never once you were dropped off, left with someone else so we could go out. You were always number 1, always thought about first and never discarded. You never got a call I was in Sin City while you were left behind. Instead, you were like AMEX, I never left home without you.

It is sad on your part you are missing out on so many great things. At first, we felt so bad for living and moving forward. Now we just think its really sad how much you miss. Especially when someone passes away. You won't read any obituaries with any of our names. You won't be told. You might hear about it from someone else. But you will never know any truth unless you hear it from me. Listening to someone else's verbal diarrhea is just that. Because we no longer take shit from anyone for any reason.

We have become stronger. And strength doesn't come from lifting weights. It comes from within. Something sadly only we taught you. Being weak is cowardly. Hiding, lying, using is a sign of evil and karma has a unique way coming around. It already has. And we ar enot suprised.

We sleep in peace, we are happy and have moved on. Our door is open to apologetic, sincere and honest people. No longer do we open the door for liars and users. There are strict instructions what to do after I am gone. Asking won't get you a single thing. I help those who can't help themselves and I do not reward bad behavior. There will never be a reward for that. You already got 20g's from me.

Please no longer brag about my accomplishments for your benefit. Make your own. I agree my life is very special. But it's not to be used to do anything but help others, not use them. I made a legacy for me, now go make your own.

You are where you are at because of your choices, not ours. When you look in the mirror you should not see me, you should see yourself. And always point the finger at the mirror first.
What I taught will carry you farther in life than anything. And it will carry you in life more than anything.

As we take care of a frail family member and wonder if I get that old and sick if you would take care of me the same way and the answer is obvious. No need to worry, we will be long gone and you will not have to worry one bit.

At some point in your life, you will take accountability and responsibility for your actions. While we forgive you for it at a younger age because of manipulation and brainwashing we fail to understand at the age you are now because you know better.

I hope at some point in your life you find peace and happiness. It is the only thing we have ever hoped for encouraging you to do whatever you wanted in life and to love what you do and be good at it. We have done our job. We did it and more. I am proud at the time we had.

This wasn't your choice, to begin with, we know that but it's your choice to keep following through with it and that is on you. We do not feel guilty about this because we have nothing to guilt over.

I pray one day you find peace. Cause we are. And have moved on.

You will always be in our hearts and minds every day of the first 16.

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