Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Hero's stay, cowards run!

I am pretty confident any person who is sick has dealt with heroes and cowards. So which one are you?

If you are looking for me to name names, point fingers who the cowards are. I do not need to. They already know exactly who they are and why.

Let me give you a little history lesson.

My 3rd of 4 brains surgeries which ironically happened to be my 40th birthday. Yup, the big Four "0"!.

I was recovering from brain surgery and surgery that actually saved my life. Meaning I had an infection traveling to my brain and was given 24 hours to live had they not removed everything.

I woke up on April 5th. I was laying on my left side as I was pretty banged up. And when I opened my eyes I looked at the shelf on the wall. One was a urine jug and beside it was a birthday card from my wife.

Beside that shelf was my wife sitting in a chair fighting back tears.

"Babe? What is wrong?"  I asked. "Nothing" she replied.
"Why you crying? Is it the 28 staples in my head?. She shook her head, no.
"Is it the stitches in my chest?" Again, she shook her head no.
" Is it that I am sick?"" No" she said.
"Why are you crying, babe?"."Where is your friends?" she cried.

Funny, my health is online through numerous online media that I was apart of. So it is not like they never knew.

Now, I walk past these people in public like I don't exist and then ridiculed.

So there sits the hero by my side and the coward is just exactly that.

My mom said as she was dying, ironically in the exact same bed and room I recovered from brain surgery in that do not visit me when I am gone, because people should have visited me when I was alive. That reins so true in life. I see these first-hand online people posting relentless sobbing of celebrating a life gone. They say rest in peace. What about living in peace?  Why do people go through life saying I woulda or shoulda seen that person before they passed? Well, what is your excuse then?

I guess some fools/cowards will never know until it happens to them. Or maybe they won't. Either way, I think the worst thing anyone can be thought of is a coward. I'd rather be called fat than a coward. I'd rather be called an asshole than a coward.

Courage doesn't come from a job, lifting weights or being a strong person with muscles. It comes from deep within. Being a kind considerate person with empathy is what courage is. There is no paycheck that comes with being a good person to a fellow human.
I look back at the 4 brain surgeries I had. Who were there, who visited, who came to see me after and even today. I have no malice in my heart towards those cowards because I do not fear cowards. I have more courage in my one finger than they do in their entire being. I am good with that.

In case you are wondering if I am the same person, I went and visited strangers who had brain surgery. Why? Because being an empathetic human being is who I am. Not a coward. It must be pretty amazing to think my last and only thought of that person is a coward and nothing more.

This blog isn't about cowards. It is about HERO'S. People have a choice in life to man up. Be there for someone you apparently care about and actually stepped up to the plate to be a decent human being. Those people in my life I celebrate, I love and care for.

Those are the people that matter. The others have no value in life to me.

It's your choice who you want to be, how others perceive you and how you will be remembered by.

This is a photo of a hero standing, not a coward.

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