Tuesday, May 17, 2016

It absolutely blows my mind

It absolutely blows my mind.

I don't know if its because I am 44 and this is the age my friends start getting sick/dying etc...but this is bullshit. I got sick at age 33. Sadly some get this disease very early in life. There is no trophy what age you get sick at and if there was....I want second place not first.

I guess being sick has broadened my ability to have more empathy than some but it has also shown me to open my eyes more at those who "are there" for the person in need.

I have told the story of me laying in the hospital wondering where my best friends were. No call no text, nothing. You have heard this before. And how shitty these cowards are as human beings.

Now I am contending with personal friends who are sick. I mean, I have cluster head friends globally who are family to me. I love them. I care about them and Id do anything for them. But lately I been trying to be a good friend to some who are really battling a very serious disease. I have some personal close close friends who are....dying.

We all die. But seeing people you care about suffer just sucks. But  as a friend with integrity, and morals and values I man up. I spend as much time with them as they want me to be around. It is hard seeing people deteriorate. They see it too. Like all the fat jokes i get. What? You don't think I don't own a mirror? Like the person battling. they too know....

Some that are terminally sick are in denial. That is ok. NEVER CORRECT A PERSON WHO IS DYING. Never stress them, argue with them, just give them peace.

When my mom was dying last year I  went numb. Real numb. It was so hard seeing her die everyday. My father 4 floors down same hospital sick. It was a brutal time in my life. I did it alone with my wife. No help from no one. But as their son. It was my job to be there, comfort them both, be there emotionally and physcially for them both. I grieved later and still do. But I have zero regrets how I handled everything and took charge. It had to be done.

Right now I have some close friends battling cancer too. It breaks my heart. It is good to be there for them to make them smile, do things for them to make their day even if its small.

If you are reading this and you are not a cluster head. Please go be there for them. If its another disease. again, makes no difference. Being discarded, ignored, is cowardly. And Karma will get them in the end but its not about tit for tat. I knew far ot many people in my life that walk around woulda shoulda coulda. And now live in regret. Wait till they get sick and or old....

Please take my advice...any person battling something needs human interaction, love kindness and treat them the same....

If you are a douche bag coward, rot in hell. Karma will get you anyway you bastards

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