Sunday, April 24, 2016

Never miss an opportunity

I don't know if its because I am older and I think ahead or what but I never miss an opportunity to help others if I can.

In my life I have known so many "woulda coulda shoulda" people. Who go by saying " I wish I coulda".

I know Carp Diem is cliche but its true. I never try to miss an opportunity to do something great by helping others. Seize the day!

Sometimes helping others can be in a grand scale of an opportunity to help the great community or if its just 1 person all on their own. I do not do things for others for pay back or acknowledgement. Because if that's why you are helping. Don't bother and setting yourself up for disappointment.

Yes, I have had a really really crappy set of cards dealt to me in my life with my health. Yup, it sucks. Any fellow cluster head will express no joy in this disease. And yes CH has robbed a large portion of my life. But....I refuse to waste an opportunity to do something great when I can for others. I m not overly bummed if things don't always pan out. But atleast I tried.

Therefor the success I have had is simply by putting myself out there. Reaching out to extend a hand to help others. To give back in life. I have been blessed to be able to do so. It is humbling.

Good things can result as an opportunity not wasted and given back to pay it forward.

Who knows what will transpire but as long as I try I have not failed. Determination far out weighs being told I can't.

Reach out to someone today, it may change some ones life.

PF Wishes.

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