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Buster, re born Nov 18,2012 and passed May 28,2015. 1 Year ago today.

Why are you reading about a dog that died? What is it in relation to cluster headaches?

Grab a tissue box, it will tug your heart strings.

Nov 18, 2012. My wife and I's anniversary. Also the day I got home from brain surgery. My 4th.
I was so banged up, I couldn't feel my head, bend over without falling etc etc. I'm sure you get the gist. We had company that day and my wife had to head to work. She ran in the house a min after she left. Hey I need help there is a little dog in the driveway. I don't want to run him over. MY wife said.

We came out and I see this yellow and red dog. Hair so long he couldn't wag his tail only sweep the ground. Smiling at us, and very friendly. I went to pet the 1 foot dread locks and all I felt was skin and bone. We got him food. No collar, no tags, he smelled so bad. It was blatantly obvious he was homeless for a long time. No human in the right state of mind could do this to a dog with a conscious.

He didn't want to leave. Our friends after discussion drove him to Animal Care and Control as they lived a few blocks away. I couldn't drive and my wife went to work.

I immediately checked pet finder, local new paper, local websites, signs, mailboxes etc. No luck. No one looking for a small white-ish dog.

I called Animal Care and Control and asked. They said they have to hold him for 5 day in case owner claims him. Chances are he will be put down because of his bad health, rotting teeth and old age. They estimated him between 11-13. He was not even 9 lbs, He had rotten teeth, going blind and deaf and had fleas, worms etc.

After much discussion I wanted to save him. My wife didnt discard me because I am sick so why him? I knew it was going to hurt. I knew I was going to have my heart broken. We never remotely thought this bad.

Day 5, we went to Animal Care and Control and brought home.......Buster. A very sick Bishon Frise.

This little guy gave me purpose. He gave me reason, he gave me something to worry about other than myself. He rescued me. Having had brain surgery 4x, having friends vanish I was pretty recluse for about 3.5 years, Buster helped me.

I have never seen a little dog afraid of nothing. Not a thunderstorm, not a shadow. Nothing. Hence his name.....He took to my other dog like they were family forever. He ran the house.

Nothing short of ongoing medical problems like me, we never gave up on him. 250 vet visits and enough money spent to buy a Harley Davidson cash..

Yet every single attack I had, he came to me. He comforted me. He gave me friendship, and loyalty. Its funny how men pick on other men for little dogs. My dog was more loyal than any friend I ever had. Dogs know you are sick, hurting and ask nothing in return.

He as so therapeutic. It took over a year for his coat to turn from blood soaked skin to normal for his hair to turn pure white. It was worth getting him healthy. And in the end, He was neurologically sick like me but could not be fixed. We miss him immensely.

I get upset thinking he only had 2.5 years of a good life, and how he was robbed of over 3/4 of his life from some piece of shit for a human being to leave this dog on my lawn left for dead. The day we found him, that night went well below zero. The first cold snap of the season and it lasted....

How how many lawns he walked on being shooed away but found us. We had zero intention of looking for another dog, no intention of wanting another dog. It wasn't even a discussion. It happened because it was supposed to happen.

If you are ever thinking of taking in an animal as a family member. Rescues are the best breed.

As for the day he passed. 1 year ago today. I cry because I miss him, I smile because he was the best dog. When we buried him, It was hard as  the rain was pouring in the grave as fast as we dug. Eventually getting him buried, we had a tornado that day and the sky was jet black. As we finished my wife and I kneeling down on the grave we asked for a sign. Within 3 seconds the sun was out, could feel the heat on our backs. We both looked at the sky and seen this cloud (see photo below) immediately. It was the only cloud at the time and in the exact spot when we looked up. I could absolutely care or less if anyone believes me. But I framed this photo. He is up there and ok...waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge.

1, Day we got Buster from Animal Care and Control
2. 10 teeth removed (Neglect from prev home)
3. Not missing being homeless
4. One my fav pics of him
5. Heaven
6. My other dog at his grave.

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