Thursday, March 5, 2015

Taggart and Torrens Pod Cast talks Cluster Headaches- Yes J-Roc and Our Lady Peace-drummer!

I am truly humbled this week. The start to 2015 has been quite remarkable. I been truly blessed.

I was able to reconnect with a childhood friend and was kind enough to give my son and I a night out to see Neil Diamond. Incredible concert. Thank you my friend.

Also with being on CTV news London this year has been a truly humbling experience from being recognised in stores from "hey I seen you on TV to OMG I am soooooo sorry this happens to you". But what really hit me was the people who contacted me who have CH and had no idea there was any support let alone sufferers locally. As I said before I did the show for 2 reasons. 1. Validity to the ignorant who did not believe this was true, 2. In memory of those who lost their fight to CH by suicide.

Yesterday I have to send a very very special kind thank you to 2 awesome Canadians who went out of their way to tell my story and what we endure. While as a fan of them I follow them yet they follow me. For that I am truly humbled.  In ALL the media that has told my story. None of them have told most of the story. These guys have. May I with much "Canadianity" give respect to two uber Canucks, My two famous "BAHDS" Jonathan Torrens and Jeremy Taggart. Jonathan is well know for playing "J-Roc" on Trailer Park Boys TV show and movies, as well he plays Vice Principal Robert Cheeley on CBC's "Mr. Dee. He was also a host on Canada's "Wipe Out". And Jonovision. Jeremy Taggart is a critically acclaimed drummer for the band "Our Lady Peace" .
The pod cast they do discusses Canadianity at its best. Music, funny Canadian stories. Makes me smile.

To listen to the pod cast that I am in choose episode 31. I am at the 11 min 35 sec mark to about 16 minutes. I have much gratitude because they discuss everything from the attack, to brain surgery to medicine. Kudos my Canucks.
episode 31

also on iTunes for free as well

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