Monday, March 30, 2015

My blog, my thoughts, my feelings, my words.....

I do not always say what I feel, what I am going through, but I think more than I say. And if my silence appears as nothing, it possibly is more than some could handle. Silence is bliss right?

I know more than I speak, listen to more than I say. And I do notice things. Sometimes, I choose to say nothing.

Last time I checked. my blog, my facebook, my twitter is just that, " mine". I choose my own thoughts to express unless I am quoting someone which I feel necessary to share and beneficial to share to others.

I do my best to have enough brain cells left to show compassion and empathy for those around me. I am not malicious and sometimes bow out in silence than leave things in a ball of fury. Leaves people guessing, asking questions rather than pointing the finger which I see a lot of now a days.

I recommend people look in the mirror before pointing the finger. Its very similar to being sick. Many people point the finger at us Cluster Heads and assume we are not sick, that we are playing it up. That it couldn't be that bad. To be honest, I wish they were right. I wish it wasn't true. I wouldn't have had 4 brain surgeries then. I wouldn't have lost friends, relationship or my career then. And then I can notify all medical dictionaries to change it, notify thousands of websites that list it as #1.

People sometimes choose to be quiet. Because it is the least path of resistance. Its in fact doing others a favour. Rather than crucify them in a public setting. Annnd it shows maturity. Finger pointing, name calling, is grade school. I am not better than anyone. I am perhaps wiser and choose my battles wisely.

As I have raised my son in life to never start a fight. But finish one. Be the bigger person. Outwit, outsmart and walk away with head held high with pride and smile. Let them thrive on negativity assuming this or that. Their true colors and character speak volumes.

For the few that read my blog,tweets, and other forms of media I talk on...and agree or disagree. Know I appreciate your presence reading my words. I love the support and love the haters even more. They fuel my fire more as  my creativity in being positive to rid myself of negativity.

If you do not stand for something. You fall for everything. And be like the rest of the sheeple.

Thank you for the 45,000+ readers who follow this blog and know I stand for something.

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