Monday, March 2, 2015

less than 2 Million spent on Cluster Headaches in last 25 years ! Disgusting

Less than 2 Million spent on Cluster Headaches in last 25 years ! Disgusting ! Yet over $ 1.872_BILLION has been spent on MS. In no way shape or form am I demeaning MS yet comparing MS to Suicide Headaches. The similarity is that CH and MS have the same disease rate of .01% of the world. This is my justification for comparison in disease rate only.

I personally know of 3 people that have MS and its a horrible horrible disease and its heartbreaking to see them with this. So please before you think I am remotely putting MS down please remove you head from your own ass because I am not. This is strictly about the fact that MS has the same disease rate and billions are spent on MS and literally nothing is spent on CH. I do not blame the people with MS. They have a struggle all on their own. And  pray that a cure is found. Its literally heart wrenching to see people I love deteriorate so fast.

This blog today is not only advocacy for the disease its about funding.

Why hasn't money been spent on a disease with 20x the national suicide rate? Why not? If pharmaceutical companies spend money on MS why not on CH? It is now known globally that medical marijuana has a positive impact on the quality of life with people with epilepsy, cancer, MS, Glaucoma and many other diseases. Its a known fact in the 'Cluster Head Community" that psilocybin/LSD is a very helpful medicine to assist with cluster headaches. Yet the politics of legality out weighs the quality of life cluster heads deal with simply because its a class 1 drug in most countries and us that use the medicine is simply just doing that. Using it as medicine. I have yet in my cluster career have yet to meet any cluster head( I have meet about 120 to date) that has come up to me and said they do psychedelics for fun. Not the case. Not at all.

I have had to take my own foot out my mouth and full acknowledge how wrong I was all those years stating how pot was solely a drug with no use. For that I apologise a 1000x over. I still may not be pro pot for recreation but I do know that it has far less harmful affects than alcohol which I am not a fan of the affects it does. I personally do NOT use marijuana or alcohol. But I support the use of medical marijuana in any form for those who are sick and need it as a medicine. Again, this blog isn't a pot debate. Its acknowledgement of an illegal drug that should be a prescription for medicinal use without any issues from doctors.

In Canada the laws are changing for the better. Just last week my local TV who did a story on me di a series on families using medical marijuana for their children. If anyone watches this and disagrees with the use of marijuana after seeing these poor children suffering an is against medical marijuana needs their head examined.

Pharmaceutical companies need to evaluate the use of God given medicine that grows from the ground. For us its Magic Mushrooms. For others its marijuana. This is NOT about getting high. The amount of psilocybin used to treat cluster headaches is so minimal its not even a buzz. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with getting high at all or tripping as they call it. A mentor friend of mine and I hope he doesn't mind me quoting him says ' Its Suicide or Psychedelics" and trust me it is. This past June/July I was near suicide once again. By no means in a depressed state. Just my attacks were so bad and getting longer and worse day by day that suicide seems like my only option to stop the pain. This is why some of us either commit suicide or take/use/try psychedelics. There has been research proving this works and its documented. Just not enough;.

With all due respect  to fund raising. Seriously folks. I can't leave the house without a knock at my door fundraiser asking for money, leaving a grocery store a man jumps out of a chair and barks at me with a can in his hand to help the disabled or my bank that selling pink ribbons. I can't go anywhere without someone somewhere with their hand out And when I say, I'm disabled, are you sending me a cheque ? The answer is usually no. I don't have a problem with charities or fundraising. My wife and I give directly to the homeless every single chance we can. As we keep "care packages" in our cars.  My favourite is the Michael J. Fox Foundation because he uses 88 cents or more out of every dollar for the foundation. Many charities and foundations take a HUGE cut towards CEO's and administrative costs.

I am not asking for money today. I am asking people to open their eyes and think about donating to Cluster Headaches.

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