Sunday, March 29, 2020

Corona Virus or Covid-19 tips for staying home, finding things to do and being mindful.

I hope if you are reading this, you are home and healthy and riding out being at home.

I do not profess to be a doctor or medical professional. But I am an expert in pain and being at home.

Like a lot of people around the world who are glued to Television, social media and radio, we are inundated with an overwhelming information changing by the nano second of the amount of people who are infected to how many have died and then all the political bullshit that comes along with it.

Don't worry, my political opinion and yours means JACK SHIT today reading this.  Nor do I give a rats ass what your political opinion is. What matters to me is that people adhere to staying at home and leaving when absolutely necessary to get groceries, or medication. Period.

I live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world with breath taking views and nature. Yet, I am home trying not to fucking die from this virus. And they are people I love risking their life going to work to keep what essential services we need to survive as humanity.

I risked my own life 2 days ago getting groceries. 90-95% of people adhered to the 6 foot distance rule and followed the signs at 4 feet tall with arrows indicating which isle to go down with 6 ft markers on the floor to give people space. Inconvenient  if you have someone in front of you dilly dallying but really, its to save a life to be 6 ft apart right? I'd rather wait then get sick and die. Yet some ass wipes ignore the sign at each isle, ignore the 6 ft tape marks and push through. Those 3 people left the store with an ear full from me. I am sure this has happened to many. I unloaded on these people to advise them they are not special, The world doesn't revolve around them and I just spent 15 years sick and not about to die because some ignorant fuck thinks he is immune.

Moving forward this isn't a bitch fest blog today. This blog is to offer some helpful tips and harsh realities of being home and what ya can do to help your self stay home, Be safe and not spread the virus. As you may be a carrier and have no symptoms.

So, if you are reading this blog you know I was sick for 15 years, and as years went by the sicker I got. This will resonate with many people who struggle with being home. One of the worst things I had to deal with aside from the pain was isolation and abandonment. Being alone SUCKS, being sick is one thing but having your friends NOT visit you because you are sick is worse. Fuck them,  anyway...they made a choice not to visit when the world was ok.

Being home, being alone happens for many sick people. I am not special. I know sick people and its the same for them too.  People stop calling, visiting, offering to invite you,  it just happens. Regardless of the disease. So it leaves us home who are sick  alone. Being sick you have good days where you play catch up on all those bad days you are down. You have really bad days that a sorta bad day would be a dream! But lets talk about how you are home and healthy and bored.

For starters, you are healthy and stuck home you say!. Imagine being sick with Covid-19 or another disease. so now being healthy at home isn't so bad. right?  For starters, please bend over and pucker up and kiss your own ass you are healthy and quit fucking whining you are stuck home and can't see people. SHUT THE FUCK UP. You have your health which is way more valuable and important than anything. If you do not have the virus and you are healthy, then stop fucking complaining. There is people risking their life every minute for your ass to stay home and be healthy. Medical professionals, store clerks, cleaners, truck drivers and more. So really remove your head from your own ass and wake up and consider the fact you are healthy and be grateful. There are people dying from this and your complaining your bored?

Ok, you are bored, what to do....well there is LOTS.
Depending on your circumstances where you live. Meaning if you are in a house you have more abilities to do things like being outside in your own yard on a nice day.
Raking leaves, wash your vehicle, clean out your shed and garage, paint that room you been wanting to do. clean all the windows in the house, re organize your closet you been putting off, do arts and crafts, just to name and few. The most important is to exercise. Do not complain you don't have a gym. You do not need equipment to work out. You tube is full of cardio and yoga free videos to keep you fit. We use DDP Yoga, an online app. I lost 100 lbs from it. No gym, no excuse.  being active instead of finishing every movie is more important than TV because your mental health depends on it. Take up a blog like this? Make VLOGS on you tube from a hobby you enjoy or helpful videos if you are a professional. Board games are great, Keeps you off social media and gives your brain a chance to re boot and take your mind of potentially getting sick. And a good book takes the mind away. Skype/facetime or Zoom a friend. It is very important to check up on a senior in your life.  Many seniors live alone or have been a widow/widower and have no one.

Living in an apartment can be tough. I have before and being in a small enclosed space can be difficult especially if you are running out of things to do. So physical exercise is very important. Its great for your mental health too. You barely need any room to do yoga, push ups etc. No excuse.

Being sick for 15 years and home for more than half of those years you find things to do. Making a list of important tasks can be beneficial. It can keep you focused and on track. I was down so often and sick so much that when I did have a good day or a few hours, my time was spent catching up on things like laundry or groceries. Everything else was secondary. Chances are if you seen me out I was caught up or catching up. I never once in all those years said to myself I am bored with nothing to do. People go to work before all this chaos started,. and MADE time to do things they struggled with doing working 40 hours a week, Now is your chance to play catch up. Many things do not require money spent to do.

If you wanna sit around the house, watch movies, eat crap food and get unhealthy, that's your decision.  For the sake of your mental and physical health stay as active around the house as possible, be kind to those who talk to you. They are struggling during this pandemic too. This isn't about YOU. It is about all of us. Be kind to one another, DO NOT BE A COVIDIOT and think oh I wont get it. And don't risk my life because you are a douche bag and can't wait or follow the rules.

I am really hoping and praying that this will teach us all something, that we can learn from this if we survive and see how the best of humanity should come from this. That the worlds Carbon Foot Print is slowed down. That people find themself lost in kindness not anger.

Stay home and stay safe everyone.

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