Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas 2019

8 months ago, I was going to commit suicide. A friend/hero saved my skin (see blogs below) and in August we came to Halifax to visit him.....4.5 months later on Christmas Eve literally we arrived here to live!!

We left London Ontario Dec 21,2019.
Said good bye or see you soon to our friends and family that are in our life. Loaded the truck and headed east.

I was born in Richmond, BC. lived there until I was 4. Then moved to London Ontario and have lived there until Dec 21,2019. (42 years with the exception of living in Windsor Ontario for 1 year at age 12). So essentially London has been home to me for pretty much my whole life. Same for my wife with the exception of BC and parts of Ontario.

Coming here to Nova Scotia in August of 2019 sealed the deal. My wife and I had planned on moving here later in life....probably at my wife's retirement. Visiting my friends here expedited that in a hurry. It took less than 24 hours for my wife and I both to look at each other and want this as home.

We flew home and told everyone. Even the people here. I am sure many thought yeah right or maybe one day. The sold sign on the lawn quickly changed peoples minds that we were dead serious.

Being here in August and in October confirmed this is where my wife and I are happiest. We are at peace.

We left London with forgiveness and happiness.

Enroute to Nova Scotia we were nearly killed. At some point the right front wheel bearing let go causing major catastrophic failure to my truck. This happened going down a 45 degree angle on a mountain with no guard rails, no nothing but 2 lanes of slush/ice/snow. An 18 wheeler on my back bumper who refused to pass with my 4 ways flashing, my arm out the window waiving him past. The truck suddenly jerked lanes completely from right to left. My steering wheel turned 90 degree left.  I then applied to brakes and had NO BRAKES and NO STEERING. It was a shear miracle that we are alive. Eventually the semi passed me. Because the right front wheel was so cambered in (tilted in from the top) that it allowed us to veer off the highway which then I flagged a guy on a ATV who didn't speak English and pointed to a business. I coasted the truck with no steering/brakes right into the parking lot. Which turned out to be a motel/restaurant. We BEGGED the owners to let us stay because we have a dog and they had a NO PETS policy but realized our near death experience and gave us a room. The next day. We had it towed to a GM dealer 2 km up the road. This is Dec 23. They only had 2 techs on staff because of the holidays, they were fully booked yet took us in, diagnosed what I already knew and repaired it. The wheel bearing destroyed the CV/Joint Axle, melted the brake caliper and pads and rotors and melted the center cap to the rim from the heat. The truck was smoking bad when we finally stopped.

We are beyond grateful for the dealer Temis Chevrolet and the owner Yan Bourgoin helped us tremendously. I can't thank him enough. He spoke English thank god. We had planned on leaving immediately after the repair but the roads were terrible, and I was uncontrollably shaking still and very upset. The next day, Dec 24. we left and followed a plow/sander truck for the next 2 hours doing 40 km/hr which was fine by me. Even as we pulled into the driveway at 6pm. I was still shaking. I probably will for awhile. I was LESS scared having brain surgery awake.

We unloaded the truck, hugged one another had Kraft Dinner for Christmas Eve and went to bed. So today is Christmas Day. We are counting our blessings we are both alive, and we made it here to call Nova Scotia home.

While we miss some people back in London. Our life begins now. I am 47 years old, and you are NEVER to late to start life and be happy. And most of all, be at peace. You can not buy that. It comes within. We are so grateful to be alive. So grateful to be HOME.

I am very proud of the legacy we left behind. My good friend Steve at H&M Auto is taking over the HOPE bags we made for the homeless and handing them out this year continuing what we started 5 years ago. We plan on doing the same down the road when we get settled here. We are so grateful for that.

Our wish for everyone to be happy and at peace.
Blessings and Merry Christmas!

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