Thursday, March 23, 2017

Support Bill Greineisen's 24 Hours Race in Texas for Cluster Headaches

Wow, how do you thank someone?

Really, to even be thought of let alone raced for I am truly humbled. I am at a loss for words.
And I guess from what my wife tells me, all the hard work I been doing with the blogs, vlogs, logos, awareness and advocacy is starting to come to fruition or is continuing thereof.

I am not much of a writer. I write from the heart. I am not an actor but my vlogs are 100% real.

I am not a sufferer. I am a survivor. And it was recognized by t a very special person Bill.

A lot of people know me or of me because what I do. My mug is plastered over the internet because of my relentless efforts in raising awareness for a disease I have. And for whatever reason, I was or am being acknowledged for these efforts I have given my life for.

For decades I thought my calling would be something to do with cars since I am a gear head. Having met the biggest of car celebrities on the planet, belonging to the best car club or having owned some cool rides. But that wasn't it. Not even close.

My calling started when I got a suicide email on Christmas Eve. About a fellow sufferer who couldn't bear the pain no more. From that day forward it was my calling to raise awareness and help as many as I can.

In my travels of pain, I was so blessed to meet so many incredible people. Even get celebrities helping me in my awareness projects. And as cool as it was. It was ONLY ever done for the survivors. I haven't done nothing for me. It has always been about us.

People ask me what it's like to rub elbows with Tim Allen, Jay Leno, the Trailer Park Boys and so forth. But to me. the Heros are the survivors, the spouses, and family members who live with the disease. The friends who do not give up on you. The friends you make because I am sick. And embrace the shit out of me because I am trying to make a difference in this world.

People like Bill. ......Who is Bill? Bill is William Greineisen, a 3x world champion Iron Man. Ya, I know. I have an Iron Man tattoo as a parody to the fictional character Iron Man from the movie having a pacemaker power a neurostimulator in my brain. No, Bill is the real deal. An Iron Man Triathlete. This man has ore stamina in his finger than I have had the last 12 years in my body.

Here is Bills story....

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