Thursday, December 12, 2013

RIP Jayden

Ya know the last 4 days have been F'ing hell for me. I have had 4 nights of 2 am Kip 10 attacks. Battling migraines everyday and have clusters at the same time during the daytime as well. WTF???
But yesterday at 2am during my attack only a block from my house, a stolen truck with a 14 yr old kid driving, wrapped a truck around the tree and passed away. He was my sons friend.

I recall him coming over as a younger boy and playing with my son. Around grade 7 my son stopped hanging out with him due to poor choices he was making. They remained cordial friends. Aside from the choices this boy had made then and continued to make until he passed yesterday, my son always was kind to him. We saw him at the grocery store just last week.

Today the paper released his name. I had a gut feeling it was him all day because early in the morning they stated the drivers age.

My son is pretty shaken up. Being 15, loosing someone now 3x, is alot for him to cope. I sat him down after school and spoke to him. He is playing Mr Tough guy but I know he is crying inside.
First was his friend, playing soccer and dropped dead on a field. IN fact that was grade 7. Then his 17 yr old cousin was murdered. And now this boy.

Last 4 days have been brutally tough for me, my health and my family constantly waking them up as they have to work and go to school. I am exhausted beyond words. But right now this boys family is grieving heavily. More than I could even imagine loosing a child. Despite how or why this boy passed. My attacks mean absolutely didly right now and my concern is for the family, my son as this affects kids today. With social media it sometimes can be negative. Like any dad I said, let this be a lesson in poor choices how something so tragic and preventable can ruin and stop your life. In fact I don't need to preach to my kid. I am extremely lucky and proud. But like any parent, its in our DNA to teach right from wrong. I know this boy lacked direction. I do everything in my power to help my son make choices for the better. I told him he might think I am ridding him or just moody from all the attacks but I only do it out of love and to protect my boy. Sometimes even being at the wrong time and place can screw your life up. While I grieve with other parents along side and shake my head as it was so preventable I think how my attacks are so minuscule in comparsion with what that family is dealing with. Someone lost a son, a brother,grandson,and friend. I beg everyone to be in your child's life, know what they are doing, be involved and know what they are doing. My son is now burying 3 people all younger than 18 now. I was 21 and had buried 4 of my friends all separate dumb ass mistakes that cost them their lives.

Go hug your kid today and tell them how much they mean to you.
Love you son


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