Thursday, April 11, 2013

Reprogramming DBS Update on Cluster Headache - I am IRON MAN

I had an appointment with my neurosurgeon Monday. I shown him my headache log since our last visit. Verbatim " Tom, Your brain is not right, there is something seriously wrong with your brain".
We laughed.

I explained some side effects I been having. Sharp pin point pain near pacemaker which we established could be from scar tissue and healing. Slight pain from pacemaker moving around when laying down. My ongoing memory loss issue. And chronic Cluster Headaches, Migraines, and tension headaches daily. As well since last programming ongoing hunger. Like, I can eat a football panzerotti and be starving after I eat. He did some research and concurred it was triggering things as not only have I been repacking the pounds but explains why I am starving 24/7. I can not stop eating.

So he said today we are going to fire it up. Skip the spot that makes you hungry and give you "More Power", and yes I grunted like Tim Allen when i said that. RRR

My back has been hurting badly lately. I have arthritis in my lower back and here in Southwestern Ontario we been getting your April Showers like crazy. Expect 100 mm of rain this week alone. My back is very sore. So I been taking it easy at home.

This last week starting Sunday night has been tough with attacks. Sundays for 12 years have been my worst day 2x a month. My ex wife and I share 50-50 custody of my son. Anyone who said it gets easier with time if full of ka ka. For 12 years every other Sunday there has never been a dry eye in my house. My son and I have a special relationship and like any dad Id do anything for him. He is the reason I am still here. Otherwise I would have cashed out years ago, Now I live for me, my wife and my son. I am so blessed to have a son with same interests as me and our father son project on his car build has been tremendously positive. I couldn't be more prouder of my son. Girls in his eyes, cars on the brain. God in his heart. I am really blessed.

So Monday my neurosurgeon reprogrammed me. Yes I have had some attacks. And I know this will take some time. We are going 3 months in between appointments. I have No Problem retiring with my neurosurgeon. I hope he is not discouraged with me. I have faith and hope maybe one day I might find one ounce of relief. I am confident in his abilities. I couldn't ask for a better neurosurgeon. I lucked out. He has 2 electrodes firing now. 2 volts I think. Skipped the one electrode that fires where it makes me hungry. I am wired for sound.

Say a prayer for me, as well as my friend. As I wrote below my friend had DBS for Trigeminal Neuralgia. Another Suicide Disease. She has had some side affects and we are praying for a positive speedy recovery. God Bless her.

I will keep you posted with my psychological memory testing. I think my appointment is on 17th.


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