Saturday, April 6, 2013

Best Birthday

My birthday a year ago (as I wrote below) was unsatisfactory to say the very least a year ago. And right now I have a friend laying in the hospital recovering from same surgery. My thoughts/prayers continue to go to her and her family for a full recovery and positive healing.

My birthday this year has been the best. A 40th birthday for any man is a pinnacle year. 40 is not the new 30. 40 was a reflection of the life I had led to today. I celebrated my 41st birthday as it was my 40th. Since I was unable to celebrate last year.

Today and the last few days have been great. My wife and son greeted me with a gift and card on AM of my actual day. My mom and dad visited me on my birthday. And then I visited the Ministry of Transportation to renew my licence plate stick....hmmm How is it I give someone money on my birthday? LOL.A post card from 2 people across the world who I haven't seen in years never forget my birthday. And today, I found out how dear of friends I really have. How genuine and sincere people are in my life and how extremely grateful and blessed I truly feel. How much a simple visit from people I love in my life mean to me.

Today, a friend who hasn't been in this house since age 17 came by today to wish me a birthday greeting. I am still very choked. Large lump in my throat. The visit meant so much to me. Words can not describe. A friend Id do anything for.

A couple came who I admire and cherish there friendship  immensely because of the profound respect they carry for each other. I love them dearly.

Two couples came whom I have had the privilege of becoming friends with because of my wife and her journey. Both whom I respect, admire and learn from because of their openness, desire to help others and will to fight and live positive. Forever a student. Forever grateful.

For my son and wife who managed to pull this surprised birthday off without me cluing in to the last minute. My wife busted her chops setting this up, getting it together and being so coy with me. My boy who opted not to work on his car instead to clean the house for all these guests. Ever so proud.

As much as this has been a tremendous birthday, its a gratitude for all that I have in my life. It was a rough couple of days to say the very least as visiting my friend took all I had for energy. But I am truly grateful for all who are very dear to me in my heart.  Thank you, and I love you all.

No pics as people are camera shy,lol. Wall of cards is plenty reminder I am more than loved.


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