Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Neurology Psychological Testing- My Memory Loss

This Friday March 22, 2013 I am going to have whats called "Neurology Psychological Testing" done because of my ongoing and declining short term memory loss.
I have read on forums others have this too. I don't buy the fact that I am 40 and it comes with age.
I have good long term memory. I remember things dating back to 4 years old. And I try to remember those memories and childhood memories so I don't forget.

What is happening to me is short term memory loss. And its very weird. My wife will say to me. Oh can you go to the store (1 km from the house). Sure. I leave, drive to store. Walk in front door and haven't a clue why I am there. I walk through the isles desperately trying to see something that may make me remember. And I don't. I get emotional about it and call my wife who tells me why I am there. It s very scary. I don't think this should be happening. Another example is going to my basement for laundry. Down 2 flights of stairs. Walk into laundry room. Not a clue why I am there.

What is really weird....I will remember this incident some 2 weeks later. It will pop in my head. I have discussed this with my neurosurgeon. Awesome guy BTW. And he requested a test. I thought it would be a simple memory test. Well its not its an 8 hour examination all day. I am not sure what they are going to ask and why....but I don't relish the fact of looking at ink blots. I have no idea what this test entails or what they will ask.

I am kinda nervous. I don't think its Dr.Fraser Crane sitting me on a couch. Nor do I think its Patch Adams assessing me with a rubber clown nose. I hope he is not going to ask me if I ate paint chips as a kid, LOL

My test is Friday. I hope they can figure out why this is happening to me. I hope they do not diagnose me with something else. I have enough going on...lol I think ill pray and hope for the best.



  1. Hi Tom!
    Thoughts & prayers coming your way regarding your recent memory loss issue-Scary,I guess!!! Post after your appt or drop me an email please & let me know what you find out! Dont stress about it, YET!(try not to anyway..I know its much harder said than done!!) As stress will only add to the problem-I know when Im overly stressed, my memory lacks BIG Time! Anyway, just wanting you to know youre in my thoughts & prayers, my friend!
    Be well-

  2. Much love and appreciation Shellie ! Will post results.
    Either gonna tell me nothing wrong with me and I am getting old...lol ....or tell me something else...not sure which answer is worse. LOL

  3. hello... my friend having this headache for few years... he planing to do the DBS. we like to get more information about this surgery as a experience guy like you. please how can i contact u.
    waiting for reply.
    god bless you,our prayers always their for you.


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