Thursday, March 21, 2013


Today, despite how I feel. I deeply feel gratitude.
Today I am grateful for living in what I feel the best country in the world. Not knocking other countries as I myself would live in warm climate in a NY minute. But very grateful for being Canadian. For the free health care we have. 4 brain surgeries, some over $100,00 each and all I paid was $48 in parking for 4 brain surgeries. Nothing to complain about.
 Yes as Canadians we pay an obnoxious amount of taxes. But in trade? I am sick and can have surgery without fear of being homeless unable to pay. I can walk into any hospital requiring a medical emergency and seek treatment and not pay a cent. I am very grateful for that.

I am grateful for the beautiful country we live. As much as I love to travel outside my border, there is so much beauty inside out borders. I was born in Richmond British Columbia. Most would refer BC as Gods Country because really it is. Very serene,clean, breathtakingly beautiful. Only place in world you can ski and go swimming at beach same day.  I miss BC. Moved to Ontario when I was 4 and been back once. I remember allot. But proud to call Ontario my home. I couldn't  afford to live there now. Would be 100% impossible. I am very proud to live where I do. Canada has the rockies, the Inuits, the Rock on the east coast. We are proud, yet humble people who love our country. There is so much more of Canada I would love to see some day. Montreal is on my bucket list next.

I am grateful for my wife and son. Without them, I don't think id be here today.

I am grateful for being a Christian. Being able to practice my faith without fear,judgement, descrimination or retaliation with in public or home. I am grateful this country was founded on Christian views.

I am grateful for our school system. Despite ongoing teacher strike issues, we have the best colleges and universities right here in our home town. I know my son get get a good education here and not have to move to another city let alone country.

I am grateful for paved roads, fresh vegetables and fruits and meats at grocery stores close by, clean drinking water and a roof over our heads. Really, in the big picture of things....Everything else is secondary. I have a friend who travels to third world countries and teaches them how to convert goat urine into drinking water because millions are dying just from drinking where animals have feces. Turning on a tap to an unlimited supply, we should be grateful.

There is s much to see and do here in this country. See a play, a movie, a fair, a concert. A car show,participate in a fund raiser for research for some disease/illness. Diversity with open arms.
We are very lucky. We have given Hollywood Justin Bieber, Ryan Gosling,Rachel MacAdams,Tommy Hunter and so many more right here in London Ontario. I am very grateful to be Canadian. I am very proud to call London my home. And Ill be the 1st to defend it. I may love to travel and have seen some beautiful places but proud and grateful today. I am sure wherever you are from. You can be as equally as proud as your home town. Think about today what makes you grateful. Its a humbling experience.


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