Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Putting our own illness aside for others

Sometimes we should put our own illness aside for others whom are sick as well. It really does ground you. If that person has Cluster Headaches or another illness/disease/ailment or is just feeling down. We should if able to be there in support for that other person. It will ground you. And make them smile.

There is nothing more in this world that turns my stomach more than seeing a sick child. I do not wish any child to be ill and it breaks my heart. Yes Cluster Headache Survivors have the worlds most painful disease on the planet but if I see someone struggling or in a wheel chair I feel I wish I could help them or lend a hand or support. And then I think of how lucky I really am.

For anyone not disabled reading this, you will find most of us like to be treated as equals. You will find we want to try on our own first. The words can't,won't are not in my vocabulary. I only fail because I tried and you will find that mentality in most of us that are sick. Usually an encouraging word or offer of "Need a hand?" or "Lemmie get that for you" is much more obliging than saying "you shouldn't do that your sick". I say this from experience. I'd also like to add something that is extremely important to us. If your a real friend. A true caring individual, sick or not. Pick up the phone. Call, text, email and visit. Spending time with us is very warming to us. We are not dead. We don't have cooties and you can't get our illness from a visit or calling, emailing, texting or whatever.

It will surely make our day that much brighter. For some of us whom are disabled. Being sick, we are not able to work anymore for some of us. Our days are  much longer than your 8 hour shifts until our family comes home. And for some of us we don't have family to come home to. A visit for us goes along way.

For us Cluster Headache Survivors who deal with attacks throughout the day and when not fatigued. Think about someone else who has no mobility, someone whom will not get better, someone maybe just down in the dumps. Pick up the phone, email them. And if you can. Visit that person.

This blog is not based on vindication for some of my ex friends whom never visited me in the hospital,let alone called,texted or emailed in any one of my 4 brain surgeries. Mind you,having 4 brain surgeries and not one iota of contact sure made me know where they stood as true friends. I forgave them for being cowards. But I will never speak to them ever again. Its OK, but it also reminds me despite being sick to visit, call,text, and make contact with others that are ill. Putting our own illnesses aside and thinking about others is the right thing to do. I wish I had the problems of normal people who are not sick. Having busy schedules, working overtime. I wish life was that simple.

After you read this blog. Think of a friend, family member or neighbour. Someone you know. Think about their issue. Think of some encouraging words and go contact them. If you are unable to write, then call. If you can't call. Have someone call for you. If you can not visit. Send flowers. If you can not send flowers. Email them. Many options. You will find you will impact not only their day but most likely their week just by showing you care. God is love


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