Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Resolution

Happy New Years fellow CH Survivors, friends and family.

I pray for all of you for health and happiness. That maybe this year a cure be found. That all though I had Deep Brain Stimulation Brain Surgery and whether it works or not a cure be found. DBS nor illicit drug use is NOT a cure.  If anything, its a band aid.

This year my goal is to loose weight. I had written earlier and about smoking and weight and I to this very day and pray forever I remain smoke free.

In the last year so much has happened to myself and my family from 4 surgeries, moving, and being sick for 6 weeks contributed to me regaining the 30 lbs I had lost. Last time I was sick which is almost never I was on the couch and bed for 6 weeks straight. No exercise, then went straight to surgery. Not an excuse for weight gain but is why I am no longer 30lbs lighter. A bad diet contributed.

The other day I tried on a new t shirt and the size that fit was to small. I looked at myself in the mirror and wanted to cry as I had no one to blame but myself. It wasn't the chips, I snacked on last night. It was me, going to the cub board to eat the chips.

My goal which many can relate to is weight loss. I don't do crash diets. I don't do pills, I just go to the gym, try to eat right, stop snacking, cut back or eat healthy snacks. I was able to loose 30lbs last time.
But now I have DBS. A pacemaker in my chest. A neurostimulator in my brain which causes me so far extreme dizziness and nauseousness. The pacemaker causes discomfort and pain in my right arm and chest. So movement is limited. I have to exercises in moderation of being sick. I can not compete with my old self and that is OK. If it takes me 2x as long to loose weight. Its OK. I am 40 now. Had 4 brain surgeries and have these attacks daily still. I must persevere and move forward in a positive direction. I know that I have done so much to try to take care of my head. Now its time to take care of my body. I am 40 and need to take care of myself. I have fought to long to hard to get this far with the disease. I am not giving up on my health with being highly over weight.

If your in my shoes. Have CH and have weight issues or some other ailment or smoker.  Be positive, have faith, pray and be strong. If I can quit smoking and remain a non smoker with CH. Anyone can. I hope in a years time I can blog about me continued health success and continue with a healthy story.

Remember we only have ourselves to blame for our weight issues. I d be lying myself if I was blaming ongoing hospital visits and attacks and so forth for my weight.

Its my new years resolution to change my lifestyle and get healthy. Will you?


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