Wednesday, May 2, 2018

It has been a minute....

Pain Free Wishes as always and sending my best positive vibes and prayers to everyone in pain.

My blog has taken a bit of a back seat since I started VLOGGING over a year ago. Making video's consumes alot of time and effort. Also having a subject to vlogging and a message is very important.

I have always prided myself in
not selling stupid and trying to make it friendly to all audiences.

My channel has been growing slowly and that is great but I have never been about number because my goal is to help 1 person per day. If one person got something out of it then my effort was worth it.

Coming into my 4th year of an diagnosed pain has left me with huge uncertainty for my health.But the ball is rolling in an uphill direction. I got this pain in my neck below my occipital bone that is 24/7. Absolutely no respite. Not a nano second off. Its not as severe as a cluster for screaming but it will leave you 100% bedridden. I am even unable to make myself something to eat and bathroom visits are almost impossible. Vomitting, nausea and just an overall sense of feeling the absolute worst makes life trying. Through many trials of medications for an unknown pain I get 40% relief from one medication. EXCEPT. It is supposed to be very short term. Like as in a weeks use. I been on it 2 years now. Without it I am bedridden.

I have been telling every doctor I meet its not a migraine because I get those and its different. I been telling everyone it is in my neck and head. Finally my neurologist said I need to refer to you a physiatrist. Great......another year wait. So that is where I am at with that.

Problem is. The medication is destroying my kidneys and my GP thinks I might have an ulcer so they are sending me for testing. Camera down my throat. Yay. Fun times. Can't wait. Sarcasm inset here.:)

I started getting lidocaine infusions intravenously in December, I am supposed to go every month but they are short staffed so its been every 2 months. They wanted it to help my head but I would have been grateful for helping my back and sciatica.

And as of last week. A family member has a medical emergency which I do not care to reveal but all I can say is that my wife and I's job of being caregiver just doubled. I am not complaining. It's family. It is what you are supposed to do. It is my duty and desire to try and help as much as possible. And in my heart anyone who doesn't help family out is a coward and phony.

Kinda the reason I am blogging today is that if I do have an ulcer the doctor has to take me off the medication that helps my head/neck. Which in turn will leave me bedridden or in the hospital. So I will not be vlogging or blogging. No one wants to see me laying in bed moaning in pain.

I always try to be positive in my efforts. I always try to show people you can live around the pain.But I think this time my pain might win and overtake me where I am unable to care for myself. Thankfully I have an very strong marriage and supportive wife who jumps at the chance to help.
It is true. Getting old SUCKS. Being young and this sick SUCKS even more.

I will get through this. I been poked, prodded, cut open, drilled into, been used as a funnel for medications and survived alot. I will get through it. I will live to fight another day. And if you are reading this. You will too. Say a prayer or wishes us well. As we do for you.


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