Monday, November 21, 2016

Started a new video series. Filming life of "People In Pain"

This is a project I have wanted to start for awhile. I may have been one of the original cluster heads filming myself and posting videos on YouTube and there are many Vloggers out there filming their daily life. But I have not seen videos of people living in pain.

When I posted my first video of me having an attack it was never about pity. It was about trying to show others what happened to me. As much as I could explain it, you didn't get it until you seen me have an attack. And even then you still don't comprehend the pain,  But it gives the person an idea.

Since then many have posted videos of themselves having attacks and their perspective on life with the disease. When I posted mine I think mine may have been one of the first but then again, I wasn't searching for it either. Since my video went live it has over 300,000 views on just that one video. Nothing compared to an entertainers number by any means but to me, it has educated over 300,000 people. That is what mattered to me. For all the naysayers, the people who did not believe me, it was that bad or all in my head, hope that was enough proof for ya douche bag cowards !

So for awhile I been thinking about starting a new project based on my life. I write when I feel compelled and well enough. And I will still continue to blog. But I been watching some people's Vlogs and as cool as they are, watching how rich they are driving their super car's and mansions it got me thinking about us struggling to try to get by in life with pain. Not just cluster headaches. All people battling pain in some sort.

I started a series called " People In Pain" on my ClusterHeadSurvivor page on YouTube. It's a daily video series of myself discussing my life, my perspective on people in pain. How I cope. What I think and feel. The good days and also the bad days. I will try my best to film daily off my iPhone. No fancy go pro( can't afford one) and I am a novice at computer stuff. So the videos won't be really edited or tampered.

If you read my blog or know me personally. I write and do things from the heart, I do not hold back and tell it like it is, I am not a bullshitter.

I plan on discussing a topic each video. I will try to talk about my own experience in life while doing my utmost best in trying to be positive and inspiring. I plan on interviewing guests as well.

As I post today's blog I have made an intro video which I will post. And so far 3 days of videos. While I can't shoot a video every day because how I feel I will make one every chance I can. So please subscribe, share and tell your friends who are a person living in pain. They do not have to have cluster headaches to get some value from the videos. And if you are not in pain watching these videos well kudos to you for reaching out and showing empathy in life for another human being.

Please subscribe !

Facebook Page "People In Pain" Click here for facebook page

Here is my intro video....and click watch Day 1, Day 2 , Day 3 and so on......thank you kindly.

Click Here for Trailer to "People In Pain"

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