Wednesday, July 1, 2015

What it means to be to be a sick Canadian. Happy Canada Day

Debatable, controversial and proud. Health care in Canada.

To me, as a proud Canadian, I couldn't be happier being a Canadian. A sick Canadian at that.

We have all experienced as Canadians long line ups at Emergency Rooms, sitting there is absolute disbelief why it has take 5 to 8 hours to be seen after being triaged.

What most people do not comprehend or just plain ignorant of the fact your toe nail that was cut to short does not take precedence over the car accident that came in. It is NOT first come first serve.I wish ER rooms would post this on the front door coming in. Maybe some do but not the ones here.

I have been a patient. I have worked as security in ER, I have seen first hand from hypochondriacs who sneeze and rush to the hospital begging bloody hell because they have a cold to a guy sitting there with his finger cut off in a bag of peas not saying a single thing waiting his turn patiently. I have witnessed first hand a lady screaming bloody pain she is so bad she can not walk because of the pain, yet I sit there with a broken rib having a cluster headache shaking my head. only after she was denied 'perks' she hopped off the bed like a spring chicken and walked out yelling she didn't get narcotics. While I declined pain meds for a broken rib. I was only there because I was concerned it could puncture a lung. There is all walks of life in the hospital. It takes all kinds and its global problem not just here

I myself and many other Canadians have waited months to over a year for a specialist appointment. Dermatologist seem to be the hardest to get into to be seen because the shortage. Even after a 9 month wait, I still waited in the waiting room for 3.5 hours.

My own G.P. is usually about a week to be seen sometimes same day if I am very lucky or not well. Even though while I wait for over an hour for my appointment, it is worth the wait as she is the kindest most giving doctor. never rushed, always listens an takes me 100% serious and supports my health care choices.

So, if you are not a Canadian you are probably reading this thinking that our free health care sucks. And if you are a Canadian thinking yes its all about right.....

Buuuuuuuut. Are you a " Sick Canadian " ? Yes/No? This changes everything.

While us Canadians fill out more health care paper work than most architects draw buildings on paper. We as Canucks have to adhere to dotting the "i's" and crossing the "t's" on all the forms to sometimes being turned down to.
We have to attend numerous doctor appointments to full fill the requirements of sometimes 'Proving" our  Disability,Disease,and or Ailment in order to qualify for treatment or coverage. To some Americans this sounds about right on course for insurance papers.

Please do not be offended by my blog today if you are not a Sick Canadian, but thank God I am a Sick Canadian.!!!! Where else can I have 4 brain surgeries in the world and not pay a cent? Surgeries costing over hundreds of thousands of dollars ! World class health care here in my own city ! A hospital known world wide for surgeons being the best and leading research and science done right here !

My father a cancer survivor once told me he would be dead if he lived anywhere else. My folks came here in 1967 to give our  family a brighter future, health care and opportunities that were only available in CANADA back in the day.

I had 4 brain surgeries. A trial surgery being 2nd person in Canada, 1st in Ontario to have Deep Brain Stimulation for Cluster Headaches. A surgeon to this very day who supports my health decisions.

While as a sick Canadian I still fight for things that are not covered. I am fighting right not to have Oxygen covered as a medically assisted living device. And when I do win, it will be a win for all Canadians requiring oxygen for cluster headaches. As I am fighting to have it amended not just me but have it changed for everyone with Cluster Headaches to get coverage. One of a few changes I have already made for other Canadians.

Not everything is a given, not everything is free or a yes. We as Canadians do have to fight for our rights sometimes. It is true. Yes our taxes are higher.No our medications are not free. Health care is. It is not perfect, it needs work but everyday any Canadian can walk into any hospital and get help free.

Being a proud Canadian is part of why I love it here so much. Only place in the world you can ski and swim in the ocean on the same day. World class health care facilities, beautiful cities, and some of the most talented people in the world are CANADIANS.

My favourite hero's are all Canadian. Michael J. Fox, Terry Fox (no relation), Clara Hughes.

As us Canadians celebrate all things #Canadianity we as sick Canadians are proud to be sick here. I know I am.

Celebrate with us. As today is Canada Day and I am so proud to be a Canadian. A sick Canadian.

Thank you Canada for being home.

Please enjoy this video of Tom Brokow explaining Canada to Americans and video on my city.

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My city-I love london


  1. I'm fighting for oxygen to be covered under disability. I was covered for 3+ years and one day they said I was cut

  2. Where are you at. On getting O2 covered for CH I don't know what to do. But if when I find to person/people that say no we will not cover O2 for CH. but cover oxy for back pain. They will have a bad day.