Friday, January 9, 2015


It is only January the 9th and I am astonished what is taking place globally. Seeing cowardly acts upon us. It is frightening. Sad and tragic. The world is changing.

We all ponder in December and reflect on the past year. What we have accomplished, goals we had set. Things we tried to succeed in and some failures. To me there is no such word as can't. There is not now, maybe later but not can't. It is just not in my DNA to be this way. I am the type to die trying....literally.

I have reflected on my past year. I did not choose a silly resolution. Because really folks....if you make any sort of change its a lifestyle change.

My family sat me down in the beginning of December and was worried about my ailing health and to make some changes. I already knew to full well that they were right and things had to be done. So rather than make a sill resolution for new Years Eve I made those changes right then and there. I am proud to say I been following my life style change with better nutrition, and exercise. It is very hard on myself to look back at photos that are not to distant from my past and see what a fit , handsome fellur I am....And now I look in the mirror and see a different person. I can blame it on quitting smoking 3 1/2 years ago. I can blame it on using a cane for 3 years, I can blame it on all the broken bones I had and all the side affects from brain surgeries. Or I can make changes. So I am. Its not a diet. Its a life style change. I am not writing with successful results. I don't notice any difference. I don't feel better. I  haven't lost any weight. I must persevere.

Looking back at 2014. My year was at its absolute worst for Cluster Headaches in almost 10 years and almost its best for Cluster Headaches. Again. I had to make changes and if i didn't. My wife would be writing this blog after visiting my grave. Truth and fact. Pain changes people.

I have yet to meet a Cluster Head who disagrees. I have blogged and explained many times trying to convey what we go through. When 99.9% of the time peoples' first response is..."Oh like a migraine"." No, that is like comparing a paper cut to a bullet wound". Its almost impossible to explain it to people. Hence my videos on YouTube to educate those.

The past year I continued to see colors of people continue to be cowardly. I seen people who are kind be kinder. People who needed help, get help. I seen people be who they are.I have seen friends pass away. As much as I am a total gear head. Its not what you own. Its what you do as a person that makes you. All the toys in the world and you can still be considered a douche bag; yet people who give are always remembered. the greatest thing you can give is someones' time. A person who says nothing affects more than someone who does something.

Because of the kindness of others, As promised I decided to pay it forward. It was a successful journey that helped many.  It was the kindness of a few that resulted in the kindness of many. Each day in some small form I strive to help someone some how even if its the smallest of things.

Sometimes in life, it doesn't matter why the person is there....all that matters is that we help them. Non judgemental. I am guilty of this in my past yet have changed myself. I love thy neighbour. Be kind always. Some people are fighting a battle we know nothing about. We Cluster Heads have a rare disease most have never heard about so we should be as kind, thoughtful of others around us who are battling things that we know nothing about. Feed the homeless. Some where some one is sleeping under a bridge tonight...cold and hungry. Imagine having Cluster Headaches being homeless and hungry?

I look forward to 2015 what life has in store. I celebrate life despite this horrid disease that has taken so much of me and my life. Yet I have gained people world wide people who love me. More than friends that live close by. I look forward to life, its challenges, giving back, and paying it forward. And if it involves some car stuff I am very happy too. I am not sure what my next project will be for Cluster Heads, raising awareness and giving back is...but rest assured. It will be with everyone in my mind and heart. I do what I do because all of you. It's all of YOU that inspire me. My hero's are Michael J.Fox and Terry Fox(not related). Two Canadians who I can only aspire to be more like. Its the Unsung Hero's like my wife and son, all of the supporters,spouses and family members who do not leave. Who stick around. Who are there for us. Who don't run away yet to us. Its these people who deserve so much praise as well. They have the disease as well.

So stay tuned....wait and see. Great things are coming in 2015 from some really great people. Celebrate life. Be kind, Love thy neighbour and pain free wishes.


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