Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Restoring Faith in Humanity

My sons cousin was murdered last February and sentencing was last week. It brought up such emotion again for my family and and obviously theirs.

I will never understand the need for
guns, violence or drugs. I do not understand the fascination, the lifestyle, need or want. Nor do I want to.

We are still mourning the loss and like her family will never understand why.

Today, another douche bag emailed me and said the cure to Cluster Headaches is a Bullet.
What causes people to say these things? It never ceases to amaze me the shear audacity of someone.

Last week I had a senior read me the riot act because i have a tough time getting up quickly and he had to walk around me. This fellow went nuts on me because I didn't jump up fast enough for him.

Because not all disabilities are visible, and I don't have "I'm Sick" across my forehead. Doesn't mean he should assume I am sick neither, just extend common courtesy. Why not extend a hand helping someone instead of yelling and me wanting to extend my index finger in return(but I didn't).

Point and moral to my blog today, is that there is others in this world who are good, helpful, sincere, caring and understanding and compassionate for those less fortunate, ill and treat people with respect.

Despite the negativity in life, the traumatic death my son dealt with, other I still believe deeply that there is far more good in the world than their is evil.

There are people across the world that are never heard of, acknowledged for their humanitarian efforts, the volunteering, helpfulness, willing to lend a hand, or be kind to other.

I believe that the good far out weighs the bad. I have faith in humanity.

Let be proactive instead of reactive. Pay it Forward. Do the next right thing.

God bless you all

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  1. This blog is really moving and inspiring, I wish you the best with your situation and it makes me happy to see how well you are doing in life. I too can never understand the need for violence and disrespect to fellow humans, anger at a situation is never the positive path. I hope your son is okay and can move forward after such a tragedy.

    Best wishes,