Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

To my family, friends,fellow cluster heads and anyone else reading this.
This time in the past for me traditionally has been horrible for me but each year I try to be positive, and not repeat history. This is my first Christmas with our rescue dog Buster.
Its an important time of year for us to celebrate the birth of Jesus while enjoying festivities of family time, exchanging gifts, as for me its better to give than receive. I have always been that way.
I love the food, festivities, lights, tree, Elvis music and church.
There is something so humbling and serene sitting in church singing Silent Night. I feel so at peace.

I will admit I am annoyed at how some people are with Christmas either so angry and short fused trying to get somewhere or parking, shopping. You can just see the rage in others as they run to get that last minute sale item or the fact others bitch and whine about not saying Merry Christmas and say Seasons Greetings. I am annoyed by that. Its always been Merry Christmas and I make a point of wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. I was saying to my wife last night. Non Christians or no faith believers or people of other faiths want to change or not say Merry Christmas at a Christian Holiday.

Well you don't see Christians wanting to change well wishes at their holiday do we? I don't wish happy ho ho day on their Ramadan? or change it to happy hop scotch day at Hanuka? No, I respect others celebrations as we should. So please respect ours. Cant we all just get along? Sheesh.

If you don't believe in Christ, Christmas. Go to work, and don't take holidays. Simple. For over 2.8 BILLION of us celebrate the faith of Christ with Christmas. So I don't feel alone on this topic.

I admit I skip out on church some Sundays due to my health. I have sat in church many times and had my attacks or have my wife watch a tear roll down my face as I grin and bear the service while I tried so desperately to hide my attacks. Christmas Eve is the one day I will never miss.

For some Christmas can be a very hard and trying time because of health, finances and other issues. I can not imagine a homeless person being on the street without  a meal. That's why my wife and I support the homeless with a meal. Always have. Seeing anyone hungry or homeless puts a knot in my stomach and throat. NO ONE SHOULD BE HUNGRY AND HOMELESS in this country. Sad but true.

Perhaps instead of buying that 50 inch big screen, buy a 48 inch and buy a homeless person a meal. Volunteer if you can at a soup kitchen. Go carolling to your neighbours. Give to the needy.

People are wrapped up in want vs need. Something I myself of even guilty of. And have to even remind myself I don't need it. But there are others that need it vs my want.

Being good doesn't get you into heaven, nor does your job. Accepting Christ into your heart does. Feeding the homeless is not being Christian, its just doing the next right thing with morals.

As we go into Christmas and celebrate the birth of Jesus. I will be praying for all of you that survive, all of you that don't have faith in Christ. Ill be praying for all of you and to have Peace.

I wish everyone a very safe, very Merry Christmas and God Bless all of you.
And absolutely DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. (7 different funerals for me was enough.No more please)


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