Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Helping Others

While having Cluster Headaches can be trying,debilitating and exhausting we should never stop the humanity in any of us despite our ailments to help others.
I am guessing over 90% of people haven't a remote clue of what we go through and nor would they understand even if we explained it but we must not dwell on what we have but consider others in need as well.
I can not count how many days and times my son has done something as simple as put his hand on my shoulder during an attack and say "there there daddy, it will be OK. I am here for you and love you". Those words of comfort came from love. And helped me through. Some of us may not have that support.

This blog post isn't about what I or my family has done in the past for others. This is about encouraging others to help. Some of the things we try to do on a regular basis is respond to as many emails as I can about cluster headaches giving support, encouragement and love. Buy a homeless person a meal. Volunteer your time in something you believe in and that makes a difference. These are just some small ideas.

Your job doesn't make you a better person, but what you do as a person does. Give a hug, lend an ear and offer support to anyone in need. Our disease allows us most times when not having an attack the ability to do some things when not completely exhausted and fatigued.

Look deep within yourself, look in the mirror and ask. What can I do to help today? You just may find you are helping someone whom really needs it.


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  1. Je viens de Québec et je suis pris avec ce problème ...Avec la médication ça passe rapidement..Informez vous , il y a des traitements efficaces...On se sent seul lorsque ça arrive!!!

    Claude ,Québec