Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Drive Sober

You have al heard the slogans "Arrive, Alive, Drive sober" and there is many more but why do people continually drink and drive? It will never cease to amaze me the shear stupidity in people drinking and driving.
I for one myself, loathe alcohol for many reasons. Not to mention I have been to several (7 i believe) in total funerals on drinking and driving fatalities. From friends to family. It sucks.
Burying a buddy or family member is incomprehensible. How many tragedies do we have to go to?
When are people going to get it? Perhaps when they themselves loose a loved one? Bury their child?
Its usually the drunk driver who walks away, not always but usually. Either way 2 wrongs don't make anything right. If you drink, call a cab, call a friend, heck call me. Just don't drink and drive. Or if you know someone and are in the presence of someone drinking be proactive. Rather loose a friendship than close a coffin.
I speak from experience burying several friends, several different times. If you don't think your going to get caught or it can't happen to you. Think again. Cell phones, everyone has one. I will be the first to dial 911.
I doubt many cluster heads drink. Most of us are the ones that are sober because alcohol is a known trigger for attacks. So be smart. Man up and stop someone from driving. The mentality of hey they are only going to kill themselves is wrong. Its the friend or family member they may kill will affect everyone.
Let everyone have a safe, memorable sober clean holiday.
God Bless you all

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