Thursday, April 25, 2013

Update on Buster my rescue dog

I wrote below about our rescue dog "Buster" Which became family in November 2012. He ended up on our lawn, homeless, hungry,sick,bony,smelly and scared. But friendly.

I truly believe he ended up on our lawn to rescue me, not me rescue him. Since then he has become and extension of our family. He has been so incredibly therapeutic for my healing and journey and at the time after brain surgery #4 I really needed to concentrate, and focus on positive and taking care of this sick animal was all I could do.

When we found him. He was barely 9 pounds. Now a healthy 13.8 lbs. He has had numerous vet visits. Most of the time for his anal glands. Apparently small dogs have pockets that get full. One week he was only walking on 3 paws,limping.

Since day one I have loved him with all my heart, but he had breath so bad it could remove wall paper. Literally. Very foul smell. Animal Care and Control (where he 1st ended up after my lawn), said he had bad teeth. Our vet, said same thing and warned us of upcoming dental work.

Poor and unable to afford it, we avoided it all all costs. But I didn't have heart to see him suffer. A week ago, he started to yelp eating soft food. Next morning puss had run down his face on his chest. Wife and i scrambling how to pay.
Got him in immediately to our amazing vet. Seeing my dog suffer really yanks on the heart strings. I can not fathom seeing a dog suffer. Especially one that is old like Buster, was homeless and hungry for so long.

Called us at 3 and said come pick him up, surgery went well. Removed 7 teeth.

He was soaked from puss and surgery. Sore, quiet,sad.
Next day his right eye had swollen almost shut. Back to vet in fear of infection. I rarely see my wife cry. She balled. I thought I was loosing him. I knew full well adopting him that one day he would pass and it would be really hard on us. But too soon. No one knows how old he is. Anywhere form 9 to 15 yrs old. But I prayed he gets a couple good solid years of love in our home.

Vet checked him over and said he was fine that when he removed 7 teeth, some at top jaw under eye, that his bone was so rotten, So incredibly bad (hence the bad breath 24/7) that there wasn't really anything to suture because his mouth was rotting from inside out. Said it was bad case. One of worst he has seen. Said swelling around eye night or night not go down because there is no bone left. By yesterday with antibiotics, pain meds I finally seen his tail wag once again. Frolicking around the house happy. His eye still swollen but better. Eating and drinking food well. Sleeping on my head in bed and licking my forehead (like he does each night). Big sigh of relief.

My wife was concerned how we will pay afford. And I know things will sort itself out some how and god provides.  Its been a rough week and my focus has been on him solely. Not leaving house for long and keeping closer eye on him. Our other dog Bella has been great with him since day one.

Just glad to report Buster is alive and well.  I can't begin to admit how much I love that little guy and how bad it breaks my heart to know he was abandoned, homeless for 3-6 months ( vet estimates) with no real food, clean water, roof, and love. Despite the $1500 we have spent on him so far it is not the money(we don't have), its that he rescued us. Not him.

 When I have my attacks, and to see a large grown man screaming on the floor yelling in pain and agony at the top of my lungs, Buster will always come over and lay beside me. Never in fear but comfort to make sure I am alright. Dogs sence when someone is sad or in pain. Bella is the same way too. Always by myside.

So if your reading this wanting a dog....I doubt a homeless dog will end up on your lawn like Buster did, but don't go to a puppy mill. Go to the pound. Ask for the dog that has been there the longest. Or found homeless. Probably be the best dog you ever adopt. (read my blog below on Buster-how we got him)

Here is some pics of Buster. And his teeth that got pulled. And him after surgery.

1st photo is a week after we found him on our lawn. He want to Animal Control to see if anyone would claim him, He had no bath, no haircut. Its how we found him and yes he smelled so bad.

2nd photo after his haircut, one of many baths to come
Here is a recent one before his surgery
These are his teeth that got pulled(7), some are black.
Buster After Surgery
He will be OK again. Hoping all the red in his fur will be cut out and grow back nice and white since his mouth is not rotten anymore. He is going blind but not to bad. Love you Buster
Id like to dedicate this blog today today our vet Dr.Mor and his staff. For caring beyond words, treating me with dignity and respect knowing my condition and helping me out. They know I am sick, know Buster is a rescue and will do anything to help us out. Gratitude beyond words. thank you. Many many blessings.
If you live in London Ontario area. Need a vet. This Veterinarian will treat you and your pets with the care the so deserve. Honest, sincere, never giving your animal more than it needs. Here is link

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