Friday, April 12, 2013

Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife

Today is a day to reflect upon my best friend, my wife. She has been my love, and my confident since the day we met. I could not ask for a better supportive, love, kind and generous wife.

She has been by my side from day one. Been there for attacks, brain surgeries, doctors appointments, a shoulder to cry on and a hug whenever needed.

We share so much in common yet have completely different tastes and hobbies and interests yet supporting one another dreams and hopes.

She has always encouraged me to write here, my book and help others with CH and is there to help others in her journey.

Today I, family members and friends celebrate her day today as she celebrates. If you have a spouse and you have CH, hug them, love them and appreciate them as we are the luckiest people alive. My son has no choice. I am his dad no matter what. My wife made the choice to marry me sick. Women like her are 1 in a million. And being drop dead gorgeous isn't so bad either. Love you honey. Happy Birthday.

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