Thursday, January 10, 2013


I received this on my YouTube video account today,
"my friend sufferd from these and he said he would rather be stabbed or have his arm broken then to suffer from one for an hour , he commited suicide last month leaving a personal note to me claiming he cant deal with the pain , i feel for everyone with this illness"

Ill be honest. I cried. I cried as I felt  like we lost a family member.
Someone who was fighting along side of me and many others. It hit me hard and reminded me that this is the worlds most painful disease on the planet and if anyone has ever doubted this statement. This is proof enough.

My heart goes out to him, family and friends and anyone else.

Ironically. It was 4 yrs ago at this time I was there in that head space at that point in my life. I was reminded as my son and I were visiting the same place we were 4 years ago and while there I was reminising where my head was at and at that time if you would have asked me if I would be married 4 years later, having had 4 brain surgeries and travelled and experienced life like I have , I would have said you were crazy.

My life has forever changed and for the better. 

There is no doubt that this disease is a BASTARD,unfair, inhumane,cruel and painful. But as I said before. I try and recommend anyone not to live in the pain but to live in the now when your not in pain. Being positive, moving forward helps mental state.

First and foremost being a Christian, and a father saved me. For this gentleman, and anyone else that has taken their own life to this disease I pray. I pray for anyone that has been affected by this disease by suicide. 

Please take us, this disease very seriously. Have a heart, be compassionate,educate your self. Listen, learn, and let live.

I am dedicating this to the gentleman whom took his life last month.And to his friend for contacting me.
God Bless him

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  1. Tom, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. Pain is a problem that can keep us stuck in our head with the destructive thoughts that can lead down this road. I think all of us who have chronic, unimaginable, pain have been in this dark place...we are not alone. The love of family and God has helped me with these obsessive thoughts. Being in the present moment and mindful meditation have saved my life. A good place for others to start is any book by Thich Nhat Hanh or Jon Kabat Zinn. There are also YouTube videos by these two authors that explain the idea and how it can fit into any belief system. Love and light Bonnie