Sunday, January 27, 2013


Today's blog is dedicated to all the spouses, children and family members that deal with Cluster Headaches in your family. If your husband,wife,child,brother,sister,aunt,uncle,grandparent cousin etc has these.....than you know what my wife and son deal with.

I want to thank my wife and son for being by my side, day in day out. My son is 14 and has 7+ years experience with me and these and my wife over 3 years now.

In the beginning my son was 7 and watched me and would scream as loud as me during an attack and say "daddy don't die" as he thought I was dying. And at days I thought I was or going to.

My wife who came into my life at a point of acceptance in my disease walked into a relationship knowing full well I was sick. She also married me knowing full well I was going to have brain surgery, possibly die and be disabled.

It takes a strong woman, to marry a sick man. My son has no choice. I am sick regardless. I am his dad no matter what. My son since the 1st attack has loved me unconditionally. Find a mate, partner, best friend, lover, girl friend and wife was no easy task. The moment I laid eyes on her and we spoke honestly I knew.

So this blog today is for all the supportive loving dedicated spouses, family members that love and support us unconditionally. That are there for each attack. There was we beg and scream and plead for the pain to stop,subside or lift just 1 ounce. As you cry beside us. As you caress the back of us with a simple touch of your hand. As you run for meds, Kleenex, or whatever it is we need without us even asking. As your eyes wallow up with tears as we scream and as your heart pounds as you count the seconds until its gone. Just know that we appreciate and love you back so much immensely.

The unconditional love and support you give never goes UN noticed. Even after our attack and our bodies are wiped out. Exhausted and fatigued....we thank you for everything. Giving us a hand. Helping us out and just supporting us. I love you. Thanks my son for all the help as well. Going to school with one eye open because you layed in bed praying for it to stop. Wondering if daddy will be OK and wondering why daddy has this but keeping your faith strong and loving god more.
I thank the both of you for everything. My love and appreciation goes into every single thing I do for you both. I couldn't be any more blessed.

From the bottom of my heart, I love you both more than words can say.
I am sure there is many survivors here who relate...

God Bless you, love you both xoxx

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