Monday, January 14, 2013

Million Hits- I need your help

With my recent post on RIP, and the grief that not only I carry but others whom have lost a loved one due to suicide from Cluster Headaches. It has brought me to today's post.

I have written to CBC, Fifth Estate, CNN, 20/20, and many more. This disease needs awareness. I have seen |Dr.Sanjay Gupta do interviews and reports on DBS. But not on DBS with or just Cluster Headaches.

I been on a mission to
spread awareness to this disease. It accomplishes many things. If someone you know if surviving this disease. A family,friend, co worker. How would people react to seeing an attack. I get emails or comments often whom have never heard about CH and say they cry watching me.

My videos, nor this blog was never written for pitty. Never been about "look at me". Its about me surviving to help others. I believe in my heart God put me here on this planet with this disease to educate, inspire, motivate survivors out there. Moving forward.

Please help me get the message out there. Help me get 1 million hits on my YouTube video or here on this blog. This blog is less than a month old and had 800 hits,

Justin Beiber may have born as the same room as my son and has a kijillion hits on YouTube. I am only asking for a million to spread awareness.

thank you and God Bless

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