Friday, March 4, 2016

What Makes Us Happy?

What makes us happy? Well, isn't that a loaded question....

What truly makes you happy?  Is it a holiday trip to somewhere warm laying on a beach being served your favorite cocktail? Playing a round of golf? Hiking? Being at a park enjoy the cool breeze with your favorite song? Is it knowing your biggest debt is paid off? (Your mortgage and or your car) Could it be a trip to the amusement park? To watch your favorite race? Could it be taking your car out for a drive? Finishing that painting that you been working on so hard? Could it be your job? Going to a concert? Or even your job. Some people just love their job.

Myself, I have alot to be happy for. In no way shape or form am I bragging. Just an example of things I should be happy about. I have owned more cars than most people have driven in their lifetime. I have met and hung with A List celebrities, I have traveled a fair bit in my lifetime. I have under gone some serious medical procedures and lived to tell the tale. I have friends globally that would give me a bed and food if I needed it. I belong to the best car club anywhere. I have been apart of being around the baddest and coolest cars on the planet. Not only to ride in them, but to work on them too.
I ran my own business that was created from a dream and made it into reality. No one had done it like me. I was the first. Well around here anyway. I been able to create awareness, do advocacy work for my disease. Alot of those things would make some quite happy.

But what is happiness? Its not owning a bigger house, a nicer/faster car. Its not having the nicest lawn and garden on the street. Its not trophies or awards.

I often think about when mom passed last summer what made mom happy. What did mom take with her, What do I take with me when I go?

Its memories. Its the life I shared with others. My wife, my son, My folks. My club brothers. Its the people I met for 30 seconds and they either impacted me for life visa versa. When mom passed, when anyone passes they take nothing. Leave with memories. They leave this earth with the thoughts of their life. Whom they have encountered, whom they have helped in life. Whether it be making a child laugh like me, Teaching me to ride a bike, cooking for others as she loved to help and feed others.  Her net worth, although she had nothing meant nothing when mom died. She had no jelwery, she had no cash on her. She had no money. She had a lifetime of memories. Memories of being happy, helping others.  Being an incredible mother. Had a heart of gold. I miss her deeply.

When I go, its the same. All the cars I had in my life I can't take with me and I will leave behind. The legacy of being a good person, kind to others, helping others, being a loving husband and father is all I have to take with me. If you ask me what makes me happy. It is my family.

We are not remember at a funeral for hey, Here lies Tom. He had a 900 sq ft home, with a double garage, 2 cars, tools, furniture etc. I suppose people will remember how I made them happy. Whether it be a joke I told them, an act of kindness, or what made me happy.

Sure would suck being thought of as a coward, spiteful angry person who was bitter and or live in regret. I personally don't go to funerals thinking I should have been there for the person more. That is something that should be figured out in life when they are alive. I do not live in regret. I live in peace. I miss my mom alot. I think about her many times a day and shed a tear once a day thinking of mom. Because I was there for her until the very end. I don't live in regret..

So today after reading this. Think what makes you happy. And try to be happy. I and all cluster heads have suffered beyond human torture. Cluster heads know what its like to be in misery, pain and  torture. We also value our time off in pain and with this I hope you know what makes you happy.

Its not tangible items, Its memories.

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