Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Advocating through the internet. Pod Cast with Maple Syrup Shots,

I been very fortunate enough to be chosen as
"Bahd" of the week on the number 1 Pod Cast show in Canada by none other than the acclaimed actor Jonathan Torrens of Trailer Park Boys and Mr D. with his counter part Jeremy Taggart from Our Lady Peace. One awesome drummer ! #Taggart4RUSH

Each week the dynamic duo discusses all things Canadianity. That term is basically a term that Canadians can truly understand because it is what we are. Canadians helping Canadians for no apparent reason. The word "Bahd" mimics "Bud". Many of great each other "Hey BAHD what's going on". It is not an accent, it is a term of endearment for the love of all things Canadian in how we talk to one another with the great love we have for our country.

It is not uncommon for a stranger to put money in a parking meter for someone elses car as the parking enforcement is out. It is what we do.

I recently not only was the "Bahd " of the week on the TaggartNTorrens podcast show episode 31

Click Here to Listen to PodCast with TaggartNTorrens.

I had the recent pleasure of meeting both these gentleman on their Canadianity Comedy Tour across Canada. They are so humble and funny. Again, thanks Bahds. Was a much needed night out.

In light of this most awesome acknowledgment of my awareness, I have gotten some fantastic followers through Twitter. And became friends with them. Along side that another "Canadian" Pod Cast show called "Maple Syrop Shots". 3 gentleman who celebrate being "BAHDS" and discussing all things Canadian while sharing banter, and being followers of TnT. They themselves have a good following on Twitter and their PodCast. I was kindly asked to be a guest inadvertently and was a guest speaker on this episode ! I can not thank them enough for letting me share my journey through their podcast. By no means was this pod cast about me. It was to share something that I and 0.01% of the world endures. To let fellow survivors know that there is help, support, love and kindness out there. That any fellow cluster head can find a wealth of information on this blog. Know they are not alone and it is ok to be sick with an invisible disease.

I do hope that one day I am able to thank these fine gentleman of the Maple Syrup Shots Podcast in person. Here is the episode 14 and give them a follow on @MapleSyrupPod on twitter- Thanks BAHDS. Here it is...

Click Here Maple Syrup Shots Podcast

For any new Cluster Heads checking out this blog for the first time. I am glad you are here. You are important to me and others. Never give in or up. I am here for you.

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