Thursday, September 10, 2015

Cluster Busters Conference 2015 Chicago USA

As this year approaches for the Cluster Buster Conference in Chicago I URGE you to attend. Beg, borrow and go.

The Cluster Buster conference is
life changing. It is a conference designed to not only educate fellow Cluster Heads on cluster headaches. But also the medical practitioners, the pharmaceutical world, and most important the patients and families(unsung hero's).

It is imperative that you attend to educate yourself and loved ones on recent information regarding cluster headaches. And also to share your experiences with fellow survivors.

It is astonishing how you can walk into a room and NOT have to explain it to another person what you endure. Where there is no disbelief, only belief in the disease. Compassion, empathy are all here. Where it lacks in the general public for lack of knowledge, it is all here at the conference.

This is a place where you can feel 100% at home amongst your fellow brothers and sisters who battle this disease like the rest of us and not be judged.

The information is invaluable. The people and friends we make are now your family.

Your mind will be a sponge. So go, soak it in and plan next years trip.

You will be those who are advocates like me. Researchers, Citizen Science, supporters, unsung hero's, survivors, and the quiet. We all have a place in this. Whether you are VERY vocal like me for all of us or just quiet. We ALL play an integral part in this. There is no "I". its all "US".

Id personally like to thank Bob Wold for all that he does. I have thanked him a 100x and will continue to pay it forward with advocacy.Thank you Bob for your relentless efforts.

I have mailed 2 Cluster Suicide Decals to be auctioned off this year. Congrats in advance to who wins.

I wish I could go this year but way to much has happened this year.

I made a video message which Bob said he would play at the conference. A message from me to new comers and family. I made the video before moms passing, Watch and see.

To anyone thinking of going, GO. DO NOT THINK TWICE.

Love you all, Pain free wishes

(Alan Thicke in photo-not me,lol)

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