Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Please support my friend Leigh MacInnis who supports us Cluster Heads ! Donate today !

My friend and actor Leigh MacInnis from the TV show Trailer Park Boys is doing a documentary on with hallucinogenics and spiritual medicines. Why you ask to help donate?

First, he is a fellow Canadian and that is what we do, Second, he is a supporter of Cluster Headache Survivors. Not only has Leigh offered to wear my T shirt with the Cluster Suicide Headache logo on film, but he fully supports my medicinal use of medicine. "Busting". aka shrooms.

Leigh is a kindred soul. warm and passionate friend who busts my gut on film of Trailer Park Boys as he plays Don and Donna.

There isn't many famous actors who support us, let alone know about us. For those that do we appreciate you beyond any means. I would love to sit down with Leigh someday on camera and discuss how medicinal magic mushrooms and LSD have saved peoples lives with cluster headaches.

Lets help my friend embark on his journey as he supports us by wearing my shirt.


Thank you in advance.

Please enjoy this video of my friend.with the crowd funding link.

Click here to support Leigh and watch the video

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