Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cluster Headache documentary needs your help

Tyler Mann, a fellow cluster head and film maker is making a documentary on Cluster Headaches.

His work is featured on A&E, TLC, History, Animal Planet and more. As a fellow sufferer who has been on TV discussing this horrific disease it is very important for us to get the message out. Many have reached out to me after the filming and thanked me for explaining what happens and said they did not know.

As a survivor myself its understandable that cancer affects everyone directly or indirectly, that other diseases are so prevalent yet our disease is unheard of, barely researched. In 25 years less than a couple million has been spent on Cluster Headaches yet over 25 million has been spent on MS with the same disease rate????
I pray Tylers film goes much farther than mine did.

We go to malls, banks and see pink ribbons everywhere support breast cancer, yet Cluster Headaches is 20x the national average for suicide in the US. Why is this? No one has heard of this disease.

I have said this many times, if we ask 1000 people at random what cluster/suicide headaches are, we get 1000 misinformed answers. We must unite together and advocate, support one another.

Today, I am asking you to watch Tylers short 4 min video. As he explains his objective and he will ask for your support. Together "WE" can all make a difference.

One more educated person on Cluster Headaches is one less Survivor living in fear.


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  1. Thank you Tom! We appreciate your support...and the support of all the community. The plan to document the daily, intimate nature of life with a cluster headache diagnosis will be powerful. Thanks for collaborating with us! Cindy