Friday, November 21, 2014

Cluster Suicide Headache decal/sticker avail to 50 people.

Offer to 50 Cluster Heads world wide.
Willing to give 1 cluster suicide headache decals mailed to your home to 50 people total.
I designed these decals and if you see one it’s an unauthorized copy.
I personally saved and paid for these decals to be made, Ill pay for the envelopes and shipping anywhere in the world.
All I ask if that you make a donation to Cluster Busters for any amount you can afford.
Cluster Busters is a non for profit research and advocacy that helps cluster headache survivors and relied upon donations to function. It has saved lives. Whether you support busting or not. You should support their cause to help others.
This is 100% my own advocacy project. In no way shape or form did anyone make me choose Cluster Busters or do I get anything from it. It’s my way of paying it forward.
All you have to do is PM me your name and address.
On December the 1st I will draw 50 names from a hat and announce the winners by name and city. I will then mail you your decal no matter where you live in the world.
I only ask you make a donation in an amount you can afford to Cluster Busters.
This is a win for everyone.
For me….as promised…to someone I admire and respect….I am paying it forward.
I will be posting this video on the Cluster Buster website for those not on facebook giving them an equal chance.
1. One entry per person per house.
2. Your PM must include your full name and address, country, zip or postal code. ( I will destroy all address and info after)
***DO NOT POST YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS BELOW, it will not be counted. PM only for your own safety*** You can PM me on Facebook or "ClusterHeadSurvivor" is my name.
3. You must once received, post the photo of your Cluster Suicide Headache decal on your car, bike, truck, rocket ship, scooter, etc.
4. A donation to be made to Cluster Busters
I’m sorry I am NOT selling these. No you can not buy them.
Please only email me once. I am not making any favouritism to anyone as anyone can submit their name.
You just have to have Cluster Headaches to try or be an UNSUNG HERO (supporter).
There is no warranty if it falls off, gets ripped. It’s free from me, despite a donation request. One decal per entry.
If you live in colder climates. You may want to wait until spring or if you have a heated garage and or a dry day to install it on your vehicle. I recommend your vehicle because many times I have been stopped and asked about it. Once my father had someone point at their eye and cry in traffic. It’s a fantastic advocacy tool.
I will be drawing the names December 1.2014. This gives 10 days and a fair opportunity for you to enter in.
Best of luck to everyone.
Please keep the thread top of the list or bump it to give everyone a fair opportunity.
I will draw the names on video and post the winners name and city in the video on December 1, 2014
on Facebook. Below is what the decal will look like.

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