Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Humble beginnings and gratitude today

Jan 2010 I had decided to take it upon myself to make a Cluster Headache attack video. That previous summer I had my Hot Rod at a car show and I was blocked in,unable to leave. It was a beautiful hot (30+Celsius) day. I felt an an attack coming, went and hid in my truck on the floor. It was so brutally hot that day so I kept the windows up as long as I could. My attack quickly rose to a kip 10.

Unable to leave, my attack full force. I was laying across the floor as best as I could. Having a floor shifter I was kinda stuck. Within minutes people could hear me yell and scream. A crowd of 500 people watched me. That day. I lost my vanity. No one asked if I was OK. No one called 911. No one....nothing. So to me....making a video to educate others was easy at that point.

I knew at the time being single I couldn't get anyone to help me film it. So I had to do it on my own. I had to make a video but no way could I film a Kip 10 attack. The video is more of a Kip 7-8. I ONLY made the video to educate. Not receive any pity. Because I try to explain the attacks to people that I had worked with or were so called friends at the time. Either no one understood, did not believe me and or had no idea why I was burnt out, fatigued, stressed and exhausted all the time. Older I got, harder it got. Hence making the video. The video intentionally was made for maybe 10 people in my life at the time. That was it. I never did nor do I now nor will I ever seek pity.

In the last 4 years the video had gained some notoriety.Which to me I thought was helpful. I been called everything from hero to idiot. Because people read my choice to have brain surgery vs LSD.(which is another blog I will write about one day). I argued I am no hero. My wife and son are. But the positive emails globally really inspired me to make more videos, educate more and help more.

Christmas Eve 3 years ago I was contacted about a fellow who was going to commit suicide. I never reached him. It has happened again since then. Since that day it has inspired me to help others globally with a positive mindset and blogging, tweeting writing be being an advocate for those who don't have a voice, to afraid to speak up. In time I became the poster boy.

I always wondered what my calling was...and here I am.

My goal one day is to have the disease on the news as CNN. I think big, not local because on every continent, everywhere around the world. Someone is suffering from Cluster Headaches.

I never thought in a million years that in 4 years it would get over 92,300 hits. I just so happen to check the other day to see how things were going. And about 2-3 days ago I was getting flooded with emails,comments etc...about my video. I noticed in 48 hours I had gone viral. I had gotten 100,000 hits in 48 hours. Which is awesome and I hope it continues to a million. Another goal.

In light of my recent gained interest in the video. Id like to thank everyone who has taken an interest in it by watching, forwarding, emailing and commenting. I know almost 200,000 hits now. I have gained some thick skin for some comments. Hence why all are subject to approval first. But thinking big picture, is now why I continue. Id like to thank all my blog readers,twitter followers, family and people I know for the support. Thank you. Every Cluster Head thanks you


Here is that famous video...1 of many I have on YouTube

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